Jay Dyer and Dr. James Lindsay: How Gnosticism Paved Way for Transhumanism

I recently listened an episode of The Courtenay Turner podcast featuring a wide-ranging conversation with Jay Dyer and Dr. James Lindsay.

I highly recommend How Gnosticism Paved the Way for a Transhumanism Agenda.

I’m a big fan of Jay Dyer, so I knew what I was getting with him. But, I didn’t know much about James Lindsay.

He’s a force of nature and a perfect complement to Dyer. Turns out Lindsay was part of the team that wrote 20 papers full of academic jargon with absurd findings in sketchy fields like gender studies, queer studies, and fat studies. It was a hoax to prove a point.

At the time that article in The Atlantic was written, seven were accepted for publication, and seven were still in review. Only six were out right rejected. Beautiful exposure of the fraud that is modern day academia and the peer-reviewed scam.

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