I dive deep into GeoPolitics and Conspiracy Realism.

But, I forget things.

I document what I learn on this blog, so I can reference it later, and share my findings with family (they think I’m half crazed), and friends (trying to confirm if that’s plural). 

I reserve the right to change my mind. This stuff gets complicated. I find new information and evolve my opinions and beliefs all the time. As The Dude says: “new shit has come to light.”

It’s Biblical

After researching for years, it has become apparent dark powers rule this world. And they’re amorphous. We’re in an asynchronous war with evil powers and principalities. It’s hard to know who the enemy is and where they’re coming from. That’s the origin of the name of the site. 

Foo Fighters (not the band) were aircraft moving in ways pilots in WWII had never seen before. These unidentified flying objects (UFOs) scared the shit out of them. They did not know what they were up against. It was disconcerting and daunting. I believe these were highly advanced German secret weapons, but others think they were alien craft. I don’t believe in aliens from other planets, but I do believe in otherworldly entities like demons. So, Foo Fighters could have been fallen angels.

We don’t know. And that’s the point. It’s murky, but once you collect enough data and evidence, patterns emerge and reasonable theories develop.

All I really know is it boils down to good versus evil, which is why I got myself back to the Christian church for support and a historical framework that makes sense, particularly in these times.