Scott Horton Interviews Jeffrey Kaye on US Bio-weapons and the CIA’s Attempts to Hide Them

This may shock you, but after WWII, the top dog in bioweapons usage is the good ol’ United States of America. 

To reach these esteemable heights they spend a great deal of American taxpayer money on development. The U.S. also  got a leg up by subsuming the Japanese bioweapon program, which was highly evolved with Chinese battlefield application and laboratory rigor, after WWII.

And, maybe, the number one prerequisite for being the best and brightest bioweapon deployer in the world, is access to a PR/propaganda beast machine, which can be cranked on to color perceptions or even jam narratives down the throat of your constituents and the world at large.

Included in this juggernaut of spin is the fine art of projection:

  • Colin Powell holding up a vial of white powder to illustrate his point … Saddam has anthrax … a WMD. 
  • Or a pangolin copulated with a bat in China and produced a nasty virus that shut down the world as it spread across the globe.
  • Or Assad gassed his own people. 
  • And soon Putin gassing Ukrainians, despite video showing drones dropping nerve gas on Russian soldiers.

A helpful rubric when it comes to the power elite. If they’re accusing others of dastardly deeds, it is actually an admission that they are doing it themselves.

Rummaging through Scott Horton’s interview archives I found a December 20, 2022 interview with Jeffrey Kaye, who spoke about his article: “Secret Plan Revealed: CIA Told to ‘Destroy’ Those Supporting Communist Germ Warfare “Myth.” 

Kaye writes about the CIA’s cover-up operation, counteracting credible claims by Communists on the other side of the Korean War accusing the U.S. military of using biological weapons. He has evidence. The CIA declassified a tranche of documents in 2010 in which they admitted to these counter-propaganda efforts. 

In the 50s several high-ranking scientists and military personnel connected with the germ warfare programs were killed, including Frank Olson, who was pushed out a hotel window. Journalists were imprisoned or otherwise shut down, so that they would stop their pursuit of actual truth … the real story.

Much uproar about bioweapons came from apparent confessions by U.S. servicemen under Chinese and North Korean interrogation. The U.S. government and press said these were false confessions under duress.That is the story the American people latched onto for the next 60-70 years.

After the war all of those that confessed retracted their statements and absolved the U.S. of heinous war crimes. This was done under the threat of prosecution for treason. Talk about saying anything to get out of a sticky situation.

The article is excellent. The interview is fascinating. Check them out.

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