Hersh Reports United States and Norway Blew Up the Nord Stream Pipeline

Investigative journalist Sy Hersh released a bombshell on his Substack, implicating the U.S. and Norway on collaborating to blow up the Nord Stream pipeline on September 26, 2022.

It’s an enormous story and not a peep from corporate media. 

The pipelines provided cheap natural gas to Germany and Western Europe enabling them to fuel their manufacturing plants, and heat their homes and businesses. It’s estimated that the profits from Nord Stream were up to 45 percent of Russia’s annual budget. 

A brazen bit of ideological, state-sanctioned terrorism shoving the world to the precipice of WWIII, and nuclear annihilation. No big deal.

According to Hersh, Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz agreed with Biden’s plan to blow up Nord Stream 2 if Russia invaded Ukraine. Scholz also goes along with the absurd green energy policies in Germany, and continued military assistance to Ukraine, making it difficult to determine whether he’s a friend or foe to Germans.

Scholz and the German government haven’t said much about the Nord Stream pipeline destruction. They are beholden to the West and crippled by its past. I guess it gets weird when supposed allies are the accused. 

Russia is also quiet after doing its own investigation and undoubtedly coming to similar conclusions on the perpetrators. Of course, they’re busy fighting the globalist takeover of the globe, rousting NATO off their borders, and improving the security of their people living in Donbas and other predominantly Russian regions. 

Other countries like China, India, Iran, and many African nations are shifting their allegiances from the U.S. and its democratic imperialism to Russia and the multipolar reality is the only plausible and sane way forward.

Unmolested by self-sabotage and Western power bloc machinations, the German manufacturing industry fuelled by cheap natural gas from Russia becomes a juggernaut. A win-win for Russia and Germany without the hassle of transporting gas through hostile territories like Ukraine. A strong Russia and strong Germany with nationalist inclinations to put the well-being of their citizens first would be great for the region despite the knee-jerk reaction by those that think they know history. Keep the fascist handlers and Commie revolutionaries out of the picture, and there is nothing to worry about. 

And as Antony Sutton explained in his books, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, and Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, the primary way you keep those types of evil movements from rising is to keep malevolent corporate entities from funding them.

Does Scholz not realize what’s best for Germany? Does he only care about profiting personally while foisting a terrible burden on his people? Is he saving his own skin? The Anglo-American hegemony is fading. Now would be the time for even the timid to stand up in opposition and embrace a changing of the guard. 

Hersh, Pulitzer Prize winner for his work covering the My Lai Massacre in the late 60s, is still throwing fastballs in his mid-80s. Read the article on his Substack. It’s fascinating.


Jeffrey Sachs said some interesting things about the Russia-Ukraine war and the Nord Stream pipeline in this interview with The Duran. He says the same neocon crew that was doing dirty deals in Ukraine in 2014, Victoria Nuland, Jake Sullivan, and Joe Biden, are still at it nine years later along with Anthony Blinken.

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