Orthodoxy and the Kingdom of Satan Review

In the last chapter of his book, Orthodoxy and the Kingdom of Satan, Father Spyridon Bailey writes about the prophecies of Saint Paisios, who was alive until 1994, and made it clear how the End Times are going down. 

We don’t predict the hour of Christ’s return, but it’s useful to study Saint Paisios’ prophecy to recognize the signs of the Antichrist taking his throne.

I’ll get more into that, but what makes Bailey’s last chapter so powerful is how he sets it up. The hidden game comes to light when you see Satan’s hand working throughout history. 

Fr. Bailey is a Truther!

I assumed Orthodoxy and the Kingdom of Satan was a religious tome that touched on geopolitics. It’s touted as the “sequel” or a follow up to Fr. Seraphim Rose’s excellent book first published in 1975, Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future, which lays the groundwork for what Bailey writes.

Rose prophetically explained how the New Age movement was infiltrating the West, deceiving Christians into falling for the Antichrist ethos.  He covers Yoga, Zen, Tantra, Transcendental Meditation, Maharaj-ji, Hare Krishna, UFOs, and the Charismatic Movement. 

Bailey gets more geopolitical. He shares how a satanic Elite has made all the big worldly moves for centuries. This sets up his last chapter on the Antichrist.

Bailey wrangles massive amounts of information and presents it in clear language, plucking powerful anecdotes for illustration.

Look at the chapters. Truther material from an Orthodox Christian perspective. 

  1. War
  2. The United Nations
  3. Powerful Elites
  4. The European Union
  5. Freemasonry
  6. Ancient Cults
  7. Ecumenism
  8. Zionism
  9. Banking
  10. One World Government
  11. Education
  12. Mind Control
  13. Child Abuse
  14. The Council on Foreign Relations
  15. Christianity The Real Enemy
  16. Evolution
  17. Nihilism And Materialism
  18. Preparing for What is to Come

Orthodoxy and the Kingdom of Satan Review: The Perfect Book!

I don’t know why this surprised me. Studying conspiracy theory makes it quite clear there’s a spiritual war raging. And that New Age philosophies are part of the problem despite the peace, love, and understanding rhetoric. This is why I’m an inquirer (soon to be catechumen) in the Orthodox church. It’s obvious that Satan is orchestrating the Cabal to do his bidding.

Bailey weaves in his Orthodox priest perspective with the geopolitical intrigue. He’s a wonderful blend of peaceful Christian (watch his videos), Orthodox backbone, and Truther. 

Many Truthers, who are great on geopolitics, stop short of condemning abortion, ridiculing Darwin and his shoddy theories of evolution, calling out the cultural-eroding proliferation of homosexuality, or naming Satan as the orchestrator of this world. 

They are more inclined to New Age, inclusive beliefs, “why can’t we all just get along” or individualistic libertarian beliefs “everything is cool as long as you follow the non-aggression principle.” I find myself often slipping into this mode. It sounds better. It’s virtue signaling that buys leverage. Look I’m a good guy. I live and let live. I just want out of all the wars and to slow the roll of totalitarianism. 

Going along to get along will be our ultimate demise.

It’s not easy to speak the truth, especially as a flawed person, but we must do it. Bailey’s chapter on the End Times hammers this home. 

But, before I get into that I wanted to cover Bailey’s writing about Alice Bailey, who was a founder of the New Age Movement.

Bailey on Bailey

Alice Bailey (1880-1949) grew up in a Christian home and married an Episcopalian minister, who was physically abusive. She left him after he threw her down a flight of stairs. After 13 years of abuse, she was free from the man, and Christianity, which she conflated with her horrible husband.

She became a Crusader for a new path beyond traditional Christianity.

In 1915, the year she separated from her husband, she joined the Theosophical Society. In her autobiography, she said that an unseen spirit started teaching her in 1919. This became the material for her 28 books. Also, in 1919, she married Foster Bailey, a Freemason. 

Bailey said the voices speaking to her were Tibetan masters, and the key idea was the evolution of human consciousness. She discovered that “the true cause of human division is the spirit of separateness found in religions like Christianity which she claimed cut people off from the rest of humanity.”

She pushed ecumenism, teaching that “all religions have an essential oneness that they share beyond their outward doctrines.”

This is a common refrain in the religion of the future.

From this Bailey developed a 10-point plan to bring about a one-world order for the good of humanity. This plan helps contextualize what the Globalists have been pushing for over a century. It’s a culmination of revolutionary movements against throne and altar for centuries.

  1. Remove God and prayer from schools to “ensure that children are freed from the bondage of Christian culture.” Make God a secondary matter.

  2. Reduce parental authority over children to “break communication between parent and child.” The family is the primary cultivator of faith. Force mothers to work outside the home and leave their kids in daycare by debasing the economy.

  3. Destroy the traditional Christian family structure. Strong families build strong nations, which are antithetical to a one-world order. The promotion of sexual promiscuity was the top tactic for eroding families.

  4. Make abortion legal. With less worry about cramping lifestyles with unwanted children, young people were free to be promiscuous.

  5. Destroy the institution of marriage as a lifetime commitment. Bailey wanted quick and easy divorces. 

  6. Promotion of homosexuality. She thought people should be free to have sex with whoever they wish as long as it is consensual. This extends to pederasty and incest.

  7. Debase the arts. She thought culture creation was important and that degenerate art would free people’s minds while loosening the grip of Christian values.

  8. Alter people’s consciousness with media. Bailey wanted hedonism flaunted everywhere.

  9. Establish a worldwide interfaith movement to water down the influence of true Christianity.

  10. Bailey wrapped up her plan, calling for codification of these points into law, and to convince Christian councils to approve and promote them.

To spread these ideas, Bailey set up the Lucifer Publishing Company in 1920 but changed the name to Lucis Trust in 1922. The original name might have been a little too on the nose for the times. 

Bailey’s ideas were the basis for the formation of the United Nations, and the Lucis Trust continues to consult with the UN today.

Which brings us to the Antichrist.

Chapter 18 – Preparing for What Is To Come

Satan runs this world. His plan unfolds. He rules the earth with brilliantly deceptive maneuvers.

Fr. Bailey writes that theories like evolution and existentialism lessen humanity. Portraying human identity as a choice diminishes God’s work. Family and marriage are being denigrated. Minds programmed by digital inputs (entertainment, games, social media). Eco-warriors and environmentalists call humans the problem. A plague on the Earth. 

Christians with discernment can see through the lies. 

“If we believe in Christ and the message of the Gospel, we know we are participating in a spiritual war.”

“The deliberate denial of revealed truth has led many millions of people to turn their backs on God: we live in the very time that Christ warned us about when ‘the love of many shall grow cold’ (Mt 24 verse 12).”

Christian faith relegated to a private matter. The world is preparing for the coming of the Antichrist. 

Christians have been saying this for a long time, but technology makes one-world government more possible than ever. Military technology. The Internet. Full-spectrum surveillance. Digital currency. Wearable tech. The medical cartel. It’s all in place. 

Rose wrote about the new religious consciousness forming in the 1970s. It has blossomed in the last 50 years to openly satanic practices. 

With the absence of Christian faith, the world is searching for man-made solutions, which leaves them vulnerable. 

Bailey gives us sections in the Bible that talk about the End Times:

  • Mathew 24
  • Book of Revelations
  • II Thessalonians 2
  • II Peter 3
  • Book of Daniel

“The picture that emerges from these texts is of a world of wars, famines, earthquakes, false prophets, a false Christ and apostasy that will infect most people, even many in the Church. A time of great chaos and suffering will enable a leader to emerge who will solve the world’s problems; he will bring peace and be adored by the majority of people on earth: he will then establish himself as Christ and rule from his throne in Jerusalem. Near the end, two Old Testament prophets who did not die, Elijah and Enoch, will return to convert many people back to Christ before the conclusion of time.”

There’s a Biblical assurance that Antichrist will reign for no longer than three and a half years.

“Finally these events will culminate in the return of Christ, the general resurrection of all who have died, and the final judgment where each will receive reward or punishment for their deeds.”

Russian Elder Barnabas of Gehsemane Skete said (prior to 1917 and the beginning of the Bolshevik Revolution) the coming Russian revolution would bring massive persecution for the Christian church. Then, the persecution would end and there would be a flowering of Orthodox Christianity. Then, we would enter the End Times. 

In Jay Dyer’s interview with Metropolitan Jonah, his Eminence says that an estimated 20 million Christians died for their faith in the Soviet Union. That qualifies as Barnabas’ “dark times.” 

Metropolitan Jonah also said that Russia has built 1,000 Orthodox churches per year since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. Great news. And a definite flowering.

Are the End Times nigh?

More Orthodox Prophecy

“Elder Ephraim of Arizona has stated that the Antichrist will not reveal himself until after a third world war. Other holy prophets have confirmed this, including Saint Paisios. But we should ask ourselves why so many will receive the false Christ and worship him. The first point we should note is that those who do not participate in the sacramental life of the Orthodox Church have no sense of the taste of authentic Christianity. They are vulnerable to falsehood since they have not participated in the Truth. But within the Church too there are many for whom their faith is merely an outward function, they do not seek to be transformed inwardly by God’s grace.”

“… the Antichrist will at first not enforce his will on the world; he will come with words and actions that are full of apparent love and wisdom. He will present himself as the one who cares for us, who is able to unify all humanity, and those few Christians who reject him will be portrayed as evil. Persecution of the Church will follow the pattern we see already being established, where Christians are seen as bigots, as those unwilling to join together in worship with others of different faiths, as those unwilling to accept the freedoms the new forms of “liberation” offer: good and evil will have exchanged places in people’s consciousness.”

Bailey quotes Saint Seraphim of Sarov’s warning about the end days: “In those days the remnant of the faithful are to experience in themselves something like that which was experienced once by the Lord Himself when He, hanging on a cross, felt Himself so forsaken by his Divinity, that he cried out “My God, why hast Thou forsaken me?”

“Amongst non-Orthodox Christians, there is great confusion and heresy: they are ripe for the picking.” Roman Catholicism has “allowed the fashion for innovation to turn its worship into a banal and empty ritual.”

Protestants believe in millenarianism (or “chiliasm”) where Christ will physically reign on earth for a thousand years before the end of the world. It’s a misinterpretation of the Book of Revelation. 

“The Church believes that the period of a thousand years in which Satan is bound is the present age. The Protestants have made two errors: they have interpreted the number one thousand as a literal period of time rather than recognising it as representing wholeness, and they have fallen into the same trap as those Jews who rejected Christ when he first came. The Pharisees and Scribes understood the Messiah to be a worldly ruler, they looked for God’s Kingdom to be established as a military and political power on earth. Similarly, the Protestants look for such an earthly reign at Christ’s second coming, an expectation which will only be fulfilled by Antichrist. The Jews who still profess to be waiting for the Messiah will also have their desires fulfilled by the man of iniquity. It does say in the Book of Revelation (8v1) that there will be silence in Heaven for a short space of time, and again some Protestants have mistaken this to point to this earthly rule of Christ. However, as Saint Paisios and others explained, this relates to a brief restoration of Orthodoxy (that may last as long as three generations) before the final terrible events take place. This confusion is no accident; the errors of doctrine will lead to an acceptance of Antichrist.”

Saint Paisios said, “Today’s situation can be resisted only spiritually, not by worldly means.” 

Bailey said Paisios prescribed what we must do to fight the spiritual battle:

“ … we must try to live simple, faithful lives, paying attention to our own condition before God. We must each recognise ourselves as a small corner of the Church, and work hard to protect that one piece. In this way, he said, we will collectively stand up to Satan. He did not call people to outlandish or overly dramatic responses, in fact, he warned against this very thing. He said ‘Ours is an age of sensationalism and hullabaloo. But the spiritual life is not noisy.’”

“He (St. Paisios) recommended that Christians try to acquire a small piece of land in order to grow vegetables or keep chickens, so that when those who refuse to accept the mark of Antichrist in order to buy and sell, will at least have a little food.”

“‘Ecumenism, common markets, a one-world government, a single made-to-order religion: such is the plan of these devils. The Zionists are already preparing their messiah. For them the false-messiah will be king, will rule here on earth.”

“The Zionists want to rule the earth. To achieve their ends they use black magic and Satanism.”

The banking system will be the means to enslave the Earth. This is the meaning of 666.

Saint Paisios said: “‘The Antichrist wants to subjugate the world using this system. It will be foisted on people with the help of the mechanisms which control the world economy.”

Bailey said: “Behind the credit card system and computerised security lurks worldwide dictatorship and the yoke of the Antichrist.”

He said that the war before the appearance of the Antichrist will result in many millions of deaths.

“The sign that it is approaching will be the destruction of the Mosque of Omar (The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem). This will be the sign that the Jews are rebuilding the Temple of Solomon: there are already groups in Israel preparing the priests’ vestments and designing the ritual objects. After the war, Saint Paisios prophesied that the Jews will have great power in Europe and that Christians will suffer terrible persecutions.”

This is quite the condemnation of Christian Zionists, who think they need to accelerate the timeline in Israel to bring about the Second Coming. And, of course, there’s the Zionist Jews and their revolutionary spirit. 

This is why you can’t trust any politician. They may buy us a little time, but ultimately they’re tools to push the Agenda forward. 

Trump comes to mind. He accomplished good things, but has a cozy relationship with the Zionists in Israel. 

“As a result, those whose faith is shallow will fall away, while the faithful will unite in Orthodoxy as they cling to the truth. The Antichrist will be adept at dividing Christians, and already we see schisms and the threat of schism, and always we find at the root of these Freemasons and those who pursue worldly goals.”

“Saint Paisios encouraged us to become secure in our faith, to live lives rich in repentance and prayer, and to reject the false illusion of love which leads Christians to accept evil.”

The false illusion of love is quite a statement. LGBTQ and pedophile circles promote “love is love.” Turns out this is a false illusion. 

The false illusion of love also manifests like this …

  • Jesus is love. He wouldn’t reject immigrants. 
  • Jesus is love. He would wear a mask to save gramma.
  • Jesus is love. He would support a universal basic income.
  • Jesus is love. He would bless gay weddings.
  • Jesus is love. He would encourage poor, unequipped, unwed mothers to abort.
  • Jesus is love. He would support UN peacekeeping activities.

“All of us must recognise our apocalyptic mission as Orthodox Christians; we each have a responsibility to live a true life of Orthodoxy for the sake of our souls and for the whole world. We must hold tight to the inner conviction that our faith can save us for eternity, and know that no matter how corrupt and powerful the world may be, in the light of Christ’s Second Coming the real face of evil will be unmasked. We must not be lulled into imagining we can compromise with the world, in this war there can be no truce: we either conquer or are conquered. Our struggles here in time in this world will determine our eternal condition, and so we must reject the temporary comforts that tempt us from taking up our cross.”

Bishop Nektary said before the fall of the USSR, “Soviet Russia already gives us an example of what we may expect – only worse, for the times do not get better.”

Nektary’s statement contrasts enlightened followers of scientism, who believe humanity continues to evolve and get better, particularly as we get further away from throne and altar, and belief in revealed truth. Better to base our worldview on the empirical and pragmatic.

This hopeful quote from Martin Luther King is deception:

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

Does the world seem better to you? Yes, we have easier lives because of technology, but no period can compare to the 20th century for lives lost in combat. Technology made the death machine more efficient.

Worldwide poverty decreased thanks to the proliferation of coal-powered energy, but we’re set to lose the gains because of the fake pandemic.  

The sexual revolution has decimated the concept of family. Drug addiction abounds. Art is trash. Architecture is a farce. We are bending toward something, but it’s not justice. Bending over for technocracy is a more apt description. 

The further we get from Christ, the worse the world gets despite what the shills of the Enlightenment tell you.

Once the worldwide totalitarian regime takes over, MLK’s geometry goes out the window. 

Unless, of course, you think living in safe pods, thinking Agenda-approved thoughts, and eating a Globalist-approved vegan kibble diet sounds like progress. Nektary is correct. Since the Fall humanity suffers from gradual degradation, which culminates in a one-world, godless utopia.


This is a perfect book to give Christians, who still watch and believe the mainstream media and/or who pat you on the head and roll their eyes when you start bringing up conspiracies. 

I wrote about James Perloff’s book, Truth is a Lonely Warrior. This book mirrors a lot of what’s in that book. It’s an excellent companion piece. Both are from the Orthodox Christian perspective.

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