What is Technocracy?

This is a very important question. I think about it daily as the meteoric rise of scientism creates a new materialistic priest class, in whom you must put your faith and devotion.

What is Technocracy?
A scientific dictatorship, enabled by full-scale surveillance, in which an elite class of scientists and engineers manages every facet of life. Technocrats are “persons who exercise power by virtue of their technical knowledge.”

Technocracy is the Brave New World in Aldous Huxley’s 1932 novel, which was more a “I just got out of a meeting and here’s how it’s going down,” memo rather than a cautionary tale.

In this presentation about COVID-19, Dr. Lee Merritt, influenced by  Patrick Wood’s writings on technocracy, shared the etymology:

Techn = skillKrat = kratos (divine personification of power)

She summed up technocracy:  Data gathered on everybody in the world and fed to un-elected officials, who are smarter than everybody, and will use the information to create amazing solutions. It boils down to “power via differential knowledge,” meaning if you have knowledge that only a select few have, you can lord it over the majority of people. 

The Internet and Total Surveillance

Once the possibility of a total surveillance state materialized with the inception of the Internet, technocracy became the crown jewel in the Cabal’s totalitarian New World Order agenda.

The timeline is speeding up. Their dreams of ruling the world are veering toward a terrifying reality with artificial intelligence, propaganda in everybody’s pocket, and a bazillion data points on every man, woman, and child on Earth.

Patrick Wood, the OG of technocracy research, said once we reach a scientific dictatorship society … “liberty will be a historic curiosity.” 

“I Always Feeling Like Somebody’s Watching Me”

“You can’t manage what you can’t monitor.” – Patrick Wood

In order to achieve this goal, the technocrats developed mass surveillance, which has only been possible in the modern age with the Internet. This is their time to act. 

  • Smart meters on houses monitor how much energy you consume. 
  • Credit card transactions track consumer behavior and move people away from hard currency.
  • Social media fills out the dossier with beliefs, names of friends and family, images, and much more.
  • The Affordable Care Act digitizes your medical history.
  • Smart gadgets—Fitbit, Oura Ring, etc.—pass all of your vital stats to central repositories. 
  • Smartphones track where you are, what you’re doing (they can listen in), and what information you’re consuming and entertainment you are consuming. 
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) adds more daily data. What’s in your fridge? What do you watch on TV? And even more nefarious, there are credible reports detailing how they can watch us through our TVs.
  • Facial recognition software and cameras monitor every square inch of public space. 
  • Virtual assistants like Alexa monitor your every word and train people to be useless (“please machine, turn on that light … I cannot do it myself”).
  • Public school jams cultural Marxism down the throat of every child, while Common Core collects 400 pieces of data on every child, which is on their record for life.

Coming Soon

  • Microchip injected into everybody as a digital passport for the safety of the populace. No proof you’re clean, no travel. This scannable chip will have all your data. COVID is a ruse to inject you. This chip will carry your money and your reputation, and will be scannable at any checkpoint. You better think, speak, and act right, or your social credit score tanks, and you have no access to your money.
  • 5G towers popping up everywhere sold as enhanced speed for your gadgets and 24/7 connection to the grid no matter where you are. This will produce more social media dopamine fiends. And, enhance surveillance capabilities with faster networks and ubiquitous data sources.
  • You think space is about the moon and Mars? Think again. They’re covering our upper atmosphere with satellites for more surveillance, and weapons delivery systems. 

We are entering the Truman Show writ large. Your whole life recorded. The big hurdle will be managing all the data, but breakthroughs in quantum computing will help them sift through information at a record pace. 

You may be cool with this now, because you have nothing to hide. God help you if you’re a free thinker. Or decide, in the future, that you don’t agree with the demands of your technological overlords.

They’ll find out you’re a subversive because you had a friend over for tea, breaking permanent social distancing laws. Or in the shower, you mumbled something disparaging about the only available food: pre-packaged, processed, terrible tasting MREs.

panopticon - technocracy

Panopticon Nightmare

We are racing right into this nightmare. It will not be a utopia. We will be in digital prisons receiving universal basic income for subsistence living, and daily delivery of vegan kibble. We will own nothing. It will be the shared economy for us (who gets to ride the bicycle today?), while the Oligarchs continue to entertain themselves with yacht and jet excursions between stays in their multiple mansions.

But, if our emboldened ruling class calls their shot in a video over soothing music and smiling images, it’s no big deal. The future is bright. 


These evil sociopaths want full control. It doesn’t take much imagination to see where this might go wrong. Add their fixation on overpopulation and you have a witches’ brew of terror. 

In their books they write about lessening the burden on Mother Earth. If the Georgia Guidestones are an accurate indicator, these self-appointed rulers of humanity think 500 million is the perfect world population to maintain harmonious balance with nature. Sounds so idyllic. But wait, what’s going to happen to the surplus 7+ billion people? 

They’re depopulating gradually by …

  • Discouraging young people from having children with sustainability propaganda and financial hardship. 
  • Opiate drug proliferation.
  • Stealth sterilization. 
  • Toxic vaccination programs.
  • GMO frankenfoods and fluoridated water. 
  • Perpetual conflicts and occasional hot wars. 

Scientism is Basis of Technocracy

Science has become the new religion. There is no truth outside of empiricism.

Supernatural truths and the Christian Bible are outright rejected.

Charles Darwin was one of the first major figures to push scientism into mainstream thinking. His theories of evolution and survival of the fittest fall right in line with the new dogma. 

There is no creator. Life is an accident. Those that have means to survive should pass on their genes, while everybody else should die off, thus creating a smarter and more robust populace. 

The connection to eugenics and bioethics is obvious. This philosophy justifies killing millions as “just the way the world works.” It’s natural.

The 1900s, and its massive toll of senseless deaths from ideological wars and starvation campaigns, are testament to the power of this nihilistic approach.

“Scientism is very much a religion. The god is science. The priesthood is scientists and engineers.” – Patrick Wood

We’re seeing the power of science worship now, as brave souls, who stand up against vaccination, climate change propaganda, GMOs, and COVID lockdowns, are dismissed as low IQ deniers. 

The science is settled and you have no right to question it. Our scientific overlords have deemed it so.

This was decades, even centuries in the making. Technocracy is the fruition of the scientific revolution. The endgame is now.

More Moves Toward Global Tyranny

To gain control of the world and implement technocracy the Elite must have absolute control. They use a variety of means to do so. 

The Great Reset: where you won’t own anything and you’ll love it. The revelation of this wonderful plan is courtesy of the World Economic Forum headed by Bond villain Klaus Schwab.

Cryptocurrency: all of your assets, money, and transaction records will be on the blockchain. If you get out of line they’ll cut off access. Jury is still out if existing crypto coins like Bitcoin are part of the plan, or if the entire decentralized currency movement will be co-opted. 

“Sir. Sir. We only accept Totalitarian Coin here.”

One-World Religion: Create tension among the religions. Get them to fight. Show the world that religions are terrible because all they do is fight and create wars. Offer a better solution: The one-love Far Eastern amalgam religion. Add a dash of mysticism, occultism, and New Age woo woo, and you have the recipe for a one-world religion. 

Fr. Seraphim Rose saw it coming and wrote about it in Orthodoxy & The Religion of the Future, which Jay Dyer analyzes here

Monied interests have funded ecumenical movements to water down the Christian religion and make it pliant to the Elite’s will. 

Steven Rockefeller pushed the green movement into the interfaith circles as well. Now, all the major church denominations have gone green and warn against global warming. 

The World Council of Churches is a tool of the Elite. 

Soon the only legal churches will be those that preach the gospel of social justice and sustainable development, and burst into guitar sing-alongs of Imagine on Zoom calls. You will participate from your government-mandated housing pod. 

But, if that doesn’t suit you, please participate in a Cabal-approved worldview of your choice: Atheism, Luciferianism, or Scientism. Or even start your own wacky cult, espousing alien messiahs, Panspermia, or sacramental past life trauma clearing. Whatever works! As long as it isn’t traditional Christianity, which is too intolerant and insistent on ultimate truth.  

Mass Unemployment: we’re moving in this direction as small businesses crash in record numbers because of the COVID-19 plandemic. People will either die, work for Amazon, or receive a subsistence living handout. You’ll live in a meager pod eating vegan nuggets. Your only excitement will be VR goggle adventures on your couch.

Health By Injection: if you want to qualify for your 60-minute weekly outdoor pass, you better have all your shots on record. Vaccines are the only path to true health in this technocratic world. They won’t let you out with the rest of the population if you’re a walking bio-hazard. Have you heard about DNA population screening technologies like CommonPass?

Resource Control: real wealth is control of tangible resources like gold, lumber, fuel, and wood. Wealthy capitalists (the Global Elite) are on board with ending the current monetary system as soon as they’ve monopolized natural resources. 

This will give them more power and control as we slip-slide into the technocracy. But, wealthy kleptocrats aren’t the only ones gobbling up the goods. 

Government agencies and NGOs are sucking up sovereign resources at an alarming rate. UN Heritage designations cordon off land from the public. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is grabbing as many acres as it can. 

Even groups like the Nature Conservancy are complicit, using donated funds to buy land, which they flip to the BLM

Conserving nature is the cover, while they grab all the resource-rich land. A few acres are set aside for public use. All of the stolen assets will be moved into a global trust managed by the ruling class.

This is where “sustainable development” comes in. Again, sounds great but they twist being good stewards of the earth into … “only we can manage the Earth’s resources properly, so let’s take away as much land from private citizens and the commonwealth as possible.”

It’s a power grab. Learn about UN Agenda 21 and the difference between governance and government. Is it happening in your part of the world? 

Trial Run China: Practice Makes Perfect

China is running a technocratic experiment right now, including a sophisticated social credit score system. Perfect place to test. Don’t say the right thing on Tik Tok, and no public transportation for you. If the infraction is serious enough off to the camp you go.

The elites love China. It’s easier to implement technocracy in a totalitarian regime with a huge technology sector.

David Rockefeller sung the praises of Chairman Mao Tse-Tung and his regime in 1973 in a New York Times piece called From a China Traveller. After visiting China Rockefeller said Mao fueled great progress, but there are minor cultural issues they might want to clean up.

On the whole, it was a glowing review for the Great Leap Forward regime that murdered an estimated 45+ million of its own people. 

Wood said:

“This will slowly be implemented in the US. They already limit how much of your money you can withdraw. That conditions us to accept the absurd. If your smart meter says you had a few too many hot showers last month, you get put on the no fly list.

Who are you approaching to complain? City council? Mayor? Governor? Your congressman? They’ll just shrug. ‘It’s the system. AI runs it. Can’t change the system.’”

History Of Technocracy

In its nascent days, technocracy was an alternative economic solution. 

Scientists thought they could base the perfect economy on energy rather than supply and demand. They wanted to do away with money, and price everything with energy instead.

They thought it was possible to implement a system to …

  • Forecast the amount of energy produced in a given month. 
  • Divide the total energy by the number of people.
  • Dole out energy credits based on that number. (Sounds a lot like carbon credits.) 

At the end of month the energy credits expired if unspent. Or if you use them up early in the month, you have no means of exchange until the following month’s allocation. 

Technocrats also believed they could price goods by the amount of energy it took to make it. No supply and demand. No market. Just scientists and engineers with models.

Henri Saint-Simon, the patron saint of the technocratic movement, was hinting at scientific control in the early 1800s.

“A scientist my dear friends is a man who foresees. It is because science provides the means to predict that it is useful. And scientists are superior to all other men.” – Henri Saint-Simon

Wood said:

“Saint-Simon proposed that the religious leadership of his day should literally be replaced by a priesthood of scientists and engineers, who would interpret the oracle of science in order to make declarations to society on the human actions necessary to lead mankind to Utopia. Thus, science would be elevated to a state of immutable godhood, worshiped by its followers, who are led by its priests.”

As with most radical ideologies, philosophies, governance systems, technocracy blossomed into a totalitarian vision of the future.

In the early 1900s, humanism, communism, fascism, socialism, and scientism all came to the fore and found a nexus in technocracy. The early decades of the 1900s were all about radical philosophies that would shake the world out of its Christian stupor.

IBM’s work on the tabulating machine found its way into the hands of the Nazis, who used the newly discovered computing power for efficient data manipulation and population tracking. This was a major leap from an economic system to a sophisticated framework for social control.

Methods of technocratic control continued to develop, but didn’t gain a solid foothold until Zbigniew Brzezinski picked it up again in the 1970s. He was professor at Columbia when he wrote: Between Two Ages: America’s Role In The Technetronic Era, which caught the eye of David Rockefeller. Together they formed the Trilateral Commission in 1973 to hobnob with their elite colleagues and craft world-changing policy outside the bureaucratic slog, and will of the people. 

Using Fear to Fool Citizens Into Giving Up Civil Liberties

Technocracy, like all totalitarian ideologies, is a breach of civil liberties. It’s hard to get populations, who cling to notions of liberty, to submit without persuasion.

Enter fear. Oligarchs scare the people to manufacture docile consent to draconian measures. Safety and security is more important than freedoms. We inch our way to totalitarianism. The threats are so amorphous and terrifying, we can’t help but put our trust in those with the plan.

  • Global warming
  • Terrorism
  • Mystery viruses

What can you do to stop them? They strike at any time. There’s nothing we can do, but follow orders. 

But, what if these threats were fabricated or overblown to move the agenda forward? What if they controlled of all the media, corporations, politicians, academia, and scientists to push any narrative they wanted at any time? 

If they truly believe in the personal life-enriching potential of technocracy, do you think they would pause for even a moment to think about the shady use of Big Fear to control the masses?

The Consequences of Technocracy

“If technocracy wins this battle and they implement it on a global basis it will again take hundreds of years, a least hundreds of years, before the concept of freedom and liberty will surface again. It will take a very long time. Won’t just come snapping back. Will not be a fade. Once they get control over the economic mechanism they will virtually have control over life itself.  They will make people of the world dance like puppets on a string.” – Patrick Wood

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