Paris Climate Accords Are a Sham

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai  is a brilliant guy, but unlike many smarty pants people that can’t relate to us endowed with less brain power, Shiva is able to synthesize complicated subjects and explain in layman’s terms we can all understand.

When people are explaining why Trump is such a terrible president, his record on the environment often comes up. 

The perception is he doesn’t care about the environment and only cares about big business. This is a legitimate concern. You have to have reasonable environmental regulations on businesses, otherwise they will destroy the Earth for profit. I’m not one of those, “a totally free market will self-correct and solve everything for the common good” guys.

However, you have to strike a balance. You can’t be so heavy-handed with your regulations that businesses can’t even function, much less flourish.

You can give lawmakers a pass for thinking that the tougher the regulations, the cleaner the environment, the better for the people. It’s not well thought out. You need more nuance. But, you can see where a good-hearted person might come to that conclusion. 

However, the people that are really in control have a very clear agenda that includes gobbling up all the wealth and natural resources on the planet, while shoving the rest of the population into subsistence living. They make their moves on the global scale. So, when you hear about environmental regulations on a world-wide scale, red flags should pop up.

These people don’t give a damn about the environment. They are behind some of the worst environmental disasters like flouride in the drinking water, and GMOs. But, they’re all in on environmental action that gives them more power and control.

This is where the Paris Accords come in. The Cabal co-opted the environmental movement back in the 60s. They saw that saving the planet evoked powerful emotions, so they took over the movement. Then, they wielded the ecologically-conscientious green army as a hammer to further promote their agenda. 

This is exactly what is happening with the Paris Accords. Dr. Shiva breaks down all the moving parts.

Basically, the elites cooked up a rent seeking scheme where they profit off the U.S. taxpayer, gain more control over industries worldwide, and neglect to reduce pollution from the biggest polluters in the world. Sounds about right.

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Dr. Shiva recommends you read the article Fourteen is the New Fifteen! to see how the science people shifted their data to make global warming look worse than it is.

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