Catherine Austin Fitts and Joseph P. Farrell Discuss the Q Qult

Now that Q has hit the mainstream media and the national consciousness, I thought it would be a good time to summarize these amazing intellects, Catherine Austin Fitts and Joseph Farrell, as they discuss the Qanon phenomenon with Bernard Grover on the Radio Far Side Channel.

Grover says Q is the evolution of sophisticated entrainment and mind control tactics. We’ve gone from radio to TV to the Internet each more powerful than the previous.

What’s interesting about the recent spate of questions from journalists to Trump about Q, is that the Q followers were begging for this to happen. Why? So, that Trump would justify their slavish devotion to the movement. He would simply say, “yeah, I know Q. It’s legit.” They thought that would be devastating to the Deep State and the media. 

The Storm?

But, what really happened? Trump says he doesn’t know much about Q, but has heard they love him and they’re against pedophilia, so they can’t be all bad. Not very devastating. Not a resounding endorsement for the Q movement. 

It becomes apparent pretty quick that all three of the people in this conversation believe Q is a very sophisticated psyop. I reluctantly agree. 

Fitts is reminded of the Dinar Scam, which used entrainment and subliminal programming to dupe people into a blissed out hopium state. Fitts calls it “hope porn” and says it can be dangerous.

She adds that the only effective way to fight against tyranny is local action, but followers of Q are not encouraged to take such measures. Rather, they’re told, don’t worry about it. It’s all under control. Q and the team will fix it. 

Fitts says it’s sad because even top-level, intelligent, and capable people, who have the potential to make real change, just sit back and do nothing because Q has it under control. 

She adds that she doesn’t think the COVID-19 operation would have been nearly as effective without the massive Q followers being pacified by the hopium. 

Trust the Plan

Farrell said that the most disturbing thing is that Q keeps promising arrests of big name criminals like John Brennan, James Comey, Hillary Clinton, and even Barack Obama, but it never happens.

I was just listening to older episodes of Michael Moore’s (aka Thomas Paine) podcast, who evidently has great intel sources. He said Jeff Sessions, John Durham, John Huber, and even AG William Barr are all Deep State actors running interference for the Cabal. The pain is not coming for the criminals. GITMO is not filling up. There will not be public executions. Again, probably right on. 

Farrell added that Q, like any good cult leader, just pivots and says, well that didn’t happen but here’s some more deep intelligence info to chew on. 

It’s true. I’ve followed since the beginning. I was intrigued because Q dropped tons of historic information about the machinations of the Deep State. I asked myself, if Q was a Deep State operation, why would they allow this type of information to be disseminated to a massive audience. 

The obvious answer is limited hangout. They give you a lot of good information to get you hooked, but withhold the most important stuff. Then they just pied piper the whole Q following into non-action oblivion. It’s quite genius really.

Where We Go One We Go All (WWG1WGA)

You can also just lead them down rabbit holes that are misleading, which then the “normies” can latch on to. I believe pedophilia is a problem, but Q builds out wild scenarios of underground tunnels and prominent people being complicit. Then, the news gets ahold of this. Puts it out to their brainwashed listeners, and now any mention of pedophilia immediately gets dumped in the crazy conspiracy bucket. Again. Ingenious. 

Things Q Isn’t Talking About

“We’re dealing with a very, very sophisticated mind manipulation operation that’s … designed from the outset to make people utterly passive and create a distraction while they’re doing all this other stuff in the financial realm, the political realm, the geopolitical realm that the Q phenomenon is not even talking about in any depth.” – Joseph Farrell

Grover said it’s more interesting to note what Q doesn’t say. They frame the narrative. Focus on this. Don’t look at this.


Fitts mentioned that during the Kavanaugh hearings, the Democrats and Republicans were in a back room developing FASAB 56. Not a peep from Q.

“It was the most outrageous and out-of-control move financially I’ve ever seen in the world and Q totally silent.” – Catherine Austin Fitts

FASAB 56 boils down to secret money for secret armies in infinite amounts. 

Small Business Devastation

Fitts said the big online retailers are sucking up all the local businesses as they get shut down during COVID-19. 

“… most financially unfair tsunami of usury and central bank shenanigans ever engineered”

They go in and destroy all small businesses in the area (already screwed by COVID restrictions). Small businesses have to leave cheap. Now the Cabal is free to redevelop. Fitts predicts a bank like JP Morgan will announce that they’re going to invest $3 billion in urban neighborhoods to help fix them. It’s all part of the scam. 

Legalized Usury

Fitts said, if you read a good book on central banking it will say if society legalizes usury, inevitably it will fail. It’s just a question of when. Has Q ever mentioned the fact that we need to reverse usury? No.

Farrell: “Is monetized debt really money?” This is not discussed.

Food Supply Control

Fitts:  While we’re all paying attention to Q, they’re building centralized control of the food system and using disaster capitalism to shut down farms and farmers. If you look at what fires are doing to farms in California and the US food supply it’s frightening. She implores people to pay more attention to where their local food is going to come from, and less to Q.

Smart Grid Opportunity Zones

Fitts on opportunity zones: The riots are all in the opportunity zones, which were HUD zones back in her HUD days.

Tech companies that want to help install the smart grid can roll money into real estate in opportunity zones on a tax-sheltered basis. Sell tech stocks high and move that money into opportunity zones to evade taxes. It’s a tax shelter. 

The Great (Manipulated) Awakening

If you’re the Department of Justice you can shut those riots down instantly. You’re talking about people being paid to cross state boundaries to destroy property and even kill. The NSA, CIA, and DOJ all have legitimate legal grounds for quelling the riots, but they don’t. Why?

There are 37 cities with Fed banks or branches. There have been riots in 34 of them. Basically, the whole riot scenario is a real estate acquisition plan to build out the smart grid in the smart cities. If you’re going to prototype central bank cryptocurrencies, this is how you do it on the ground. There is a lot of money to be made picking up properties cheap after these riots. 

“This is not a riot, this is a real estate acquisition team.” – Catherine Austin Fitts

Q is a Cult

Grover: Q engenders an us against them mentality. This breaks down critical faculties, so you just circle the wagons and defend Q at all cost. Very cult-like.

Farrell: The decoders are the apostles decoding for everyone else. Q gives little approvals to these decoders, which confers status. 

“It’s all about creating a messianic expectation around Trump. That is profoundly disturbing. One Messiah was enough. If you’re trusting a Messiah one of whose closest associates was original swamp creature Roy Cohn, then you’re in some trouble.” – Joseph Farrell 

Q: Agent of Obfuscation and Disinfo

Decoders of Q say Trump is going after central banks and nationalizing The Federal Reserve. Fitts says it’s exactly the opposite. 

Farrell said Q is training its followers to focus on the mainstream media even if it is bashing it. It serves another purpose. Training the QAnons to ignore independent researchers and journalists like Solari, who are doing real work.

Grover: Q has framed central banking as Satan worshiping, pedophile, cannibals, which is part of the picture, but the control mechanism is the banking system. Q doesn’t get into this. 

Fitts: How do you keep bright educated people away from the 3rd rail? Keep them out of the way or attract their time and money into something that gives you energy. The Cabal is absolutely brilliant at this. 

They have the equivalent of three Stasi teams on every person with AI and software. Q is part of the portfolio of tools to keep people occupied or channeled. 

Using Q to Map Out Networks

Grover on mapping networks: You can drop #WWG1WGA into a nexus point and see where it distributes from there. When Q goes dark it is going into listening mode. They put out info and shut up to keep the signal clear, so they can map where info is going, who’s talking about it, and what they are saying. They are building a huge 3D map of society.

Farrell agreed mentioning there’s an intelligence tactic called dyeing the waters. Letting out a bit of info, tracking where it goes, and who’s involved in passing it along. He added that this Q operation is running in parallel with the COVID operation to find out who’s talking to who. Who’s taking what type of stance. ID’ing nodes of potential support and resistance. 

It’s exquisitely and precisely planned to the last detail by intelligence and banking communities.

The Great Reset

There’s a lot of talk about the Great Reset. Fitts agrees that we need an overhaul of the system, saying there’s no reason for poverty on planet earth. But, humanity has to decide what we want the reset to look like: “Human civilization or inhuman civilization.”

Farrell recommends Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy to get a picture of what a civilization that automates everything (inhuman option) looks like. Spoiler: It forgets how to do important things and eventually falls apart.

Farrell suggests the Q may be a quantum computer. He said you cannot design an operation like this or COVID successfully without computers. 

“So we’re all listening to machines and wondering why we’re producing an inhuman culture.” 

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2 thoughts on “Catherine Austin Fitts and Joseph P. Farrell Discuss the Q Qult”

  1. It is my understanding that the “Q” movement was hijacked by the deep state early… like 2018 or 2019. I also understand that Q was a sort of Crowd Sourcing, gathering people together AGAINST the Great Reset. When the “JFK, JR is alive” narrative popped up, we KNEW it was fake. We were still watching, but we knew something was wrong. the tone and the information had changed. Q just posted recently 2022 and we all laughed… fool me once…..

  2. I also switched to listening to Tore Maras who gets us into action. Filing FOIA’s, filing lawsuits and writing our Senators and Congressmen. The “red stringers” (those who string you along with the Q drops) keep you passive and buying their T-shirts and books. We do not follow them. Q was a crowd sourcing tool…. it served it’s purpose until it was hijacked. We are fighting and standing up against the Deep State.


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