Making Sense of Inverted Reality

Once you dig deep enough it’s pretty easy to see this world is run by a Cabal with an agenda that pushes us into an inverted reality. I try to answer the BIG questions about this remarkable phenomenon.

I need to know more about …

Who Are They?

who are they collage

A good starting point is bankers, politicians, billionaires, university trustees, corporate elites, religious leaders, and heads of NGOs, foundations, and think tanks. Learn More >>

How Are They Doing This?

drugs hollywood divorce war mind control

Mind control, family destruction, debt, degeneracy, consumerism, addiction, fear mongering, culture obliteration, perpetual war, medical tyranny, atomization, surveillance, and censorship. All under the guise of evolution, virtue, and enlightenment. Learn more >>

What Do They Want?

transhumanist future

Total control of humanity as they usher in the transhumanist, technocratic New World Order. This revolution will include depopulation and total digital enslavement. Learn More >>

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