The United Banana Republic States of America

No matter what you think about Donald Trump and Alex Jones, one thing is clear … we’ve entered the realm of the banana.

My first thought: the oligarchs want to silence them for being pains in the ass. So, drag them into court on trumped up charges.

Then, my next thought is that they willingly signed up to be the fall guys in this kabuki theater. They become the critical thinking and productive dialog stoppers. You bring up legitimate issues like vaccines, false flags, open borders, and the normie you’re talking to immediately shuts you down with “you sound like Alex Jones” or “you sound like a Trump supporter.”

The Jones verdict which is anywhere from $4 million to $49 million puts a major chill on any alternative news outlet that dares speak out against the established narrative on any topic. This for questioning the veracity of the Sandy Hook official story.

With Trump it looks like a Banana Republic with political intrigue. Oh, you think you’re going to run again in 2024? Not if we throw you in prison. At least this is what it looks like to his base. “Biden already stole the 2020 election and now they’re throwing our candidate in jail!” This sparks major upheaval, and we’re one step closer to a civil war. 

Maybe Trump and Jones are leading their followers off the cliff and into the abyss on purpose. Or maybe the oligarchs figured out that alternative news sources and anti-establishment candidates are gaining more mindshare and support, so they made these moves to take out the biggest names. 

I have no idea. 

I do know that Jones is the OG of truther news exposing a ton of stuff that nobody else was talking about. I’m a big fan of Jon Rappaport and he makes this point eloquently. 

If Trump was President right now, I’m pretty sure there would be no Ukraine war, looming recession, attack on our food supply, or energy crunch. We would not be making threatening gestures toward China about Taiwan. The world would be a much better place. He had major faults and failed at many things, but the US was still moving in a better direction. He has powerful enemies.

Again I have no idea. I suppose, as with most things, you take the good and bad. Don’t put your full trust in any human. Always question things. And go about your business.

To get a good sense of how much bullshit played out in these two extraordinary events, listen to the guys from The Duran interview constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes. It’s fantastic.

A couple of points that come up. A damages award that large ($4 million or $49 million) is not a legitimate figure. It’s a message. Think long and hard about questioning official narratives, and shedding light on the machinations of the Cabal.

Barnes suggests it’s possible Trump was holding on to documents as life insurance, because he spent much of his presidency pissing off powerful people with certain agendas. This type of posture against the Deep State can have a deleterious effect on your well being. Just ask the Kennedy brothers. It’s advisable to hold dirt on big players as leverage.

The raid reeks of political intrigue. Jones’ trial was a joke. Both are harbingers of dark days ahead as we slip further into a totalitarian nightmare.

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