Web Research Tools For Truthers

We may have instant access to information at our fingertips 24/7, but the question is quality. That’s why I put together this list of Web Research Tools.

When searching for information on a specific topic in the truther space, I rarely find any meaningful results in Google, since it is actively suppressing truth with their algorithm. Duck Duck Go, StartPage, and the new Brave Search engine are slightly better, but the results are strangely similar.

Presearch seems to be the best search engine option I’ve found.

With a dearth of really good search engine options, I built this custom search engine with Google technology. Ironic I know. I selected a group of my favorite geopolitcal sites for Google to index. It does a decent job.

The user interface is janky, there are ads, and I don’t think it’s totally thorough in it’s indexing but it’s still useful. Try a search below.

My Favorite Websites

This is a list of my go to websites when I’m looking for information.

Unlimited Hangout

Whitney Webb is the best investigative journalist in the world. Read her work and listen to her podcasts, and you will know more about GeoPolitics than 99% of the people. This is my number one source for long-form pieces exposing all the intricate webs weaved by the Cabal.

Corbett Report

James Corbett takes his job seriously. He does amazing video journalism. I would stand in line for 48 hours to get tickets to his new documentaries, except that they are free and online. He’s diligent in citing sources, and his primary objective is to get the information spread far and wide.

Winter Watch

Russ Winter and team have put together an amazing resource with a great mix of topical, historical, and breaking news with a sharp eye for actual truth. Definitely on my short list.

The Last American Vagabond

Ryan Christian’s focus for the last two years has been Covid, and he’s done an amazing job finding the people and studies that matter. He’s no one trick pony though and his site is full of great information. He goes deep on his frequent video reports, and partners with other amazing content producers like Whitney Webb and Taylor Hudak.

Children’s Health Defense

Robert Kennedy Jr’s site is fantastic. It focuses on children’s health, but is loaded with information regarding the health of the planet. They are fighting the good fight for the people.

The Unz Review

Ron Unz’s website reports on an incredible amount of news, along with editorial pieces by many heavy hitters like E. Michael Jones, Pat Buchanan, and Ron Paul. Great place to visit to a get a handle on what’s going on in the world.


Wade through all the alien and wu-wu nonsense, and figure out where the English section is on the site and you will discover an incredible amount of information hidden within. Not easy to navigate, but worth it if you’re looking for information on a specific topic. Great place to start.

Jay’s Analysis

There’s enough stuff in front of the password to make it worth you while, but you need to subscribe to get access to everything. Jay Dyer’s specialties include geopolitics, Theology, and film analysis. He’s at the top of my list.

Solari Report

Catherine Austin Fitts is tremendous. Read what you can on her site and you’ll be tempted to pay the annual fee to gain access to everything. She and her partners are at the top of the game providing information on geopolitics, finance, and a broad spectrum of topics.

ANC Report

Ryan Dawson is walking fount of information. He always delivers in any video I’ve ever watched him in. He has a very level-headed approach to geopolitics and history, which actually will seem extreme to some, because he doesn’t assume the prevailing narrative is correct. He produces documentaries, which are available behind the pay wall.

Best of the Rest

Visit these sites to see what I mean. They’re loaded with great information.

Social and Video Sites

I often go directly to the following sites to find information on specific topics.

For papers, websites, and sometimes even videos that have been scrubbed try archive.org.

More Web Research Tools

Corey’s Digs, one of the best researchers in the business, has a great list of resources for “diggers.”

Another top researcher, James Corbett, did this presentation on How to Research Online. Corbett also shared a couple of TV Archive gems: Television Archive and TV News Archive. Sometimes old TV news clips can be invaluable for researchers. These tools use captions to help the user search through the hours and hours of material.

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