What is Predictive Programming?

Alan Watt coined the phrase predictive programming. I like his definition:

What is Predictive Programming?

“Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned societal changes to be implemented by our leaders. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening possible public resistance and commotion.”

Watt said they couple their culture-changing ideas with drama in order to download a virus into your subconscious. He said the technique is ancient. Plato said elites used predictive programming as part of their messaging control from the theater stage.

Predicting Events

There are two types of predictive programming: predicting events and culture creation.

Examples of predicted events titillate. For example, The Simpsons TV show is notorious for this. And their record is pretty impressive. But, it’s not supernatural. You get a crew of Harvard-educated/indoctrinated funny people in a room for weeks at a time, and you’re going to come up with plausible scenarios in technology, politics, and culture.

It’s called creativity and having your finger on the pulse. Knowing the zeitgeist. Sci-fi writers are well known for this on a longer timeline.

I’ll admit, The Simpsons nearly nailing the equation for the Higgs-Boson Particle 14 years before its actual discovery is wild, but predicting plagues, technological advances, mass surveillance, dystopian futures, etc. is a function of smart people in a room bouncing scenarios off each other. 

I won’t shut down the possibility there could be an element of intelligence or Deep State entities feeding them storylines and concepts. This is possible. I’ll get into that more later.

9/11 Clues

9/11 falls under its own event predicting category. The number of examples of entertainment showing the twin towers combined with fire, explosions, or planes is eerie, as is the number of times the date is alluded to. 

They were planning a false flag event for years … even decades. At some point, they firmed up the date, along with the targets and weapons. 

I don’t know if the date itself had ritual significance. I do know that they needed to demonize Israel’s enemies in the Middle East and to pass draconian safety/security measures like the Patriot Act at home.

Video games alluded to the towers coming down.

Tom Clancy wrote about an enemy plane flying into the Capitol building in DC in his 1994 novel Debt of Honor.

Dozens of movies and TV shows depicted attacks on the WTC towers.

An exceptional example is the pilot episode of X Files spinoff, The Lone Gunmen, which aired in March 2001, depicting a hacker’s attempt at commandeering a plane remotely to fly it into the World Trade Center.  Alex Jones talked to actor Dean Haglund about the coincidence in this 2005 interview

Prince’s lyrics in this ad-lib tune at a concert in The Netherlands in 1998 are … interesting.

The World Trade Center towers were the distinctive feature of the world’s most iconic city skyline, so it’s not crazy to think a lot of creative types envisioned them getting blown up or even hit by planes. Having the actual date popping up all over the place is a little sketch, but that’s like the phenomenon where you are considering purchasing a silver Honda Civic, and as soon as you focus your attention on that particular car you start to see them everywhere. Once 9/11 happened we went back into pop culture and started digging up references everywhere. In this case, that’s a little too coincidental but it’s a possibility. 

In the end, I do think they were dropping clues and predicting the event in pop culture. The question is why.

Why Expose Their Secret Plans? 

This is a great question. Why did Aldous Huxley share the ultimate vision of the future in Brave New World? Was he warning us so that we would be vigilant? Or, did he come out of a planning session, and write down the Approved Operating Program in fictional form? I believe it was the latter, judging from the company he kept, his family ties, and other words he wrote and spoke. 

If that’s the case, why? Why do they show their hand? Why not operate in total secrecy? 

Here are three reasons why they continue to insert predicted events and cultural shifts into their material.

Plausible Deniability 

Something that happened in a movie back in the day is now happening in real life, but corporate news doesn’t report it. Truthers talk about the real-life example and get shot down because they sound ridiculous. “That happens in the movies. That’s not real life.”

Prepayment of Karmic Debt

 Some of these masters of the universe believe in their causes and methods. They subscribe to the theory of the greater good and by any means necessary. They believe that they are helping humanity while enriching themselves (which is also helping humanity because they’ll be able to propagate their superior genes). 

However, because they know that the masses won’t understand that they need to die for the good of the cause, and because they want to avoid karmic retribution, they believe that telling the people what they are doing or going to do is a fair warning and absolves them of their “sins.” If they put their plans in the movies, tv shows, and write them in books, and you don’t do anything about it, then you have agreed to their terms. Implied consent.

Cultivation of Apathy, Despondency, and Defeatism in Those That Pay Attention 

The Cabal calls their shots, executes their plans, and gets away with it every time. No justice. People that see this pattern can become hopeless, and feel that the enemy is all-knowing and all-powerful. As you get deeper into the research, it’s easy to slip into this mind frame.

Culture Creation and Mind Control

The Cabal has an agenda. They want a one-world government that they are in charge of.

To pull this off they need the majority of the governmental authorities and citizenry to be on board with the agenda. This agenda is a radical departure from the foundation of Christian and Muslim societies.

They must capture hearts and minds to make the new globalist-style governance palatable so that the frameworks of diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) and environment, social, and governance (ESG) can take precedence, which leads to the technocracy and the ultimate instantiation of the demonic, Transhumanism.

This is a daunting task, because people that grow up in countries with a modicum of freedom, don’t easily give it up. People that aren’t unmoored from reality and acceptable human behavior don’t hand over the keys to the mentally unstable. 

But, if you degenerate the culture, destroy the families, twist the morals, sedate the populace, and weaken their vitality, you have a fighting chance at a cultural paradigm shift. 

We’ve seen this in the past. Russia in the early 1900s is a great example. The United States today is on its way to destruction because of these forces. Predictive programming is a primary driver.

If you can get a brain-dead public to watch fictionalized society operating in a different way, you can program them to accept this as the new reality as it transfers from screen to real life. 

This is where the parlor tricks of predictive placements (events) end and the real work of synthetic culture injection begins.

“Predictive programming has the effect of conditioning the mass mind through the manipulation of archetypes.” – Jay Dyer

A certain idea, ideology, or concept gets played over and over until the people believe it is reality. 

A good example is women being able to physically do everything a man can do. It’s a non-stop theme. 100-pound women beating up men twice their size in action movies. Viewers begin to believe this is actually possible. 

Overall, it seems like innocuous empowerment for women. It is not. It blurs the lines between genders and normalizes the thinking that we’re all the same and all equal in every way. We are not.

This starts to break down gender roles and identity, which has a devastating effect on the traditional family structure, which is the pillar of society. When this starts to crumble, society starts producing broken people, who are more susceptible to additional programming and likely to pass along dysfunction to further erode society.

They atomize people. They lose their support structure. Gender dysphoria grows. Tension increases between the “normies” and the “freaks.” This becomes a perfect atmosphere for a cultural revolution … for an authoritarian to step in and take control. 

The more damaged the culture, the easier it is to manipulate and control using the globalist State. 

The same goes for sexual perversion, drugs, and violence. Entertainment normalizes. It slips into the culture, and the real-life morality of the people and their quality of life degrades. This is very powerful stuff. 

It’s propaganda and mind control used to create a new culture.

Dystopia Or a Better Reality

Dystopian material offers a lot of predictive programming. An imaginative mind can follow the current trajectory of humanity and come up with a horrific future that actually ends up happening. 

It could be a coincidence, a good prediction, or a member of the Cabal feeding themes to artists.  

Some examples:

The arts and entertainment paved the way for the cyber dystopia we are careening toward at light speed. Screen addiction, the Metaverse, digital everything. The digital gulag is almost inevitable. 

They will track, trace, and database you. Stay in your pod, think the right thoughts, and consume the appropriate content.

There was a rash of pandemic material put out before Covid 19, including movies like Contagion, which felt like mind prep for the masses. Worldwide pandemics are a thing that happens. All the countries need to respond in lockstep in accordance with the wishes of our scientific priest class. Weird.

More themes they seem to be pushing.

  • Overpopulation.
  • Christians are always psycho. 
  • Eating meat is bad and veganism is healthy and enlightened.
  • My journey, my path, my truth, mixed with New Age wu wu … you do you.
  • Climate change is settled science.
  • Aliens are real and panspermia is our origin story.
  • Multiverse.
  • We are in a simulation.
  • Etc …

Quid Pro Quo

The Department of Defense and intelligence agencies advise and review movies for content. 

“You want this Bradley tank for your movie, no problem, give us a final review of the script.

… and make sure that white conservative character looks like an extra deep-fried asshole, so we can move our PatCon narrative along.”

Between 1911 and 2017, more than 800 feature films received support from the US Government’s Department of Defense.

Are you sure your favorite artist, director, screenwriter, author, comedian, journalist, or podcaster is clean with no sinister supervision or heavy suggestion shaping their material?

Movies With a Twist

There are many examples of movies, books, and TV shows, that deliver truth, but then fumble on who the actual villain or hero is. This is another facet of predictive programming.

Nearly all the James Bond films are like this. SMERSH, those evil Soviets, were enemies of the world, bound and determined to destroy humanity with directed energy weapons, killer vaccines, and aerial spraying. In reality, it’s the Cabal, including the intelligence agencies like the British Secret Service, Mossad, CIA, etc.

The Bond franchise pivoted to a more cosmopolitan SPECTRE, which was a crime syndicate and terrorist organization. There is a Cabal, but British Intelligence is not the good guys fighting them. Rather they are part of the supranational entity that is developing and enforcing terroristic policy under the guise of a beneficent rules-based order.

In Contagion the CDC is a heroic organization that saves humanity. This subconsciously trained the public to trust the authorities like CDC and Anthony Fauci while the real-life plague covered the globe.


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