What is a Malthusian?

Here’s Malthusian thought: humanity’s population growth always outpaces innovation in food production, and we must do something about it.

British East India Company economist Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) proposed killing unfit children and engineering cramped, dirty living spaces to invite the return of a plague.

What is a Malthusian?

A Malthusian is a person of the elite class that believes the Earth’s resources are finite, and that humans are apes, so there are no creative solutions to eventual starvation other than promoting depopulation of the unwashed masses.

In two separate articles on Unlimited Hangout and Canadian Patriot Review, Matthew Ehret, lays out a compelling case that Malthusian thinking ran through a series of UK thought leaders and think tanks, animated the murderous intent of the Nazis, and remains a driving force behind today’s elites.

Malthus’ essay Principle of Population inspired Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection.

Darwin’s work inspired his first cousin, Sir Francis Galton, who founded the Eugenics movement, promoting the idea of culling the unfit from the human population.

Thomas Huxley, known as Darwin’s bulldog, was actually Darwin’s handler. The British elite tasked him with saving the empire. They worried that they couldn’t keep up with the new industrialization flourishing in countries like Russia, Germany, and the United States. 

He founded the X Club in 1865, which was an offshoot of the British Royal Society. His big idea was to boil nature down to chaos and randomness with no principles, justice, or morality baked in. To secularize the sciences and all learning and to push Darwinism across the world. 

“Science was converted from the unbounded study and perfectibility of truth to a mathematically sealed “science of limits”.” – Matthew Ehret

This philosophy reduced humanity to nothing more than evolved apes with, of course, British elite society, at the top of the food chain.

It was a closed system. Bertrand Russell was a major advocate, and he pushed for two tracks of education: a classical education for the elites, and indoctrination for the slave class that squelched their initiative and insubordination from them. He also was a proponent of a one-world government run by a scientific dictatorship. A technocracy if you will. 

Russell and his disciples like John von Neumann, Alan Turing, and Cybernetics founder Norbert Weiner, also believed the human mind was “bestial impulses guided by closed system machine logic. Metaphysical principles like soul, purpose, God, justice, and free will had no place in the minds of these human calculators.”

Herbert Spencer, also a member of the X Club, developed social Darwinism, which is the social application of the survival of the fittest ideology (i.e. sterilizing or killing the unfit). He became the most widely read philosopher in the English-speaking world. He planted the seed of the “win at all cost psychopathy” that has poisoned modern culture, particularly in the West.

But, how did this help to save the British Empire? 

One, this monstrous ideology made it easy to treat people like trash. After all, they’re a product of random chance and nothing more than animals. So, there was no compunction in brutalizing their colonies when it advanced their cause. 

Not saying the Brits weren’t horrible and full of themselves before, but this new philosophy juiced up the zeal to remain an immoral Imperialist power. 

“Thomas Malthus’s ‘amusing’ views provided the ‘scientific’ and economic philosophical justification for the plunder, famine, genocide, and economic rape that the British East India Company meted out to colonial areas like India, and later China through the means of the drug trade.” – Ehret

Two, it gave them massive control over education across the world. Evolution was applied to every field of study. 

Three, it proved to the world with “science” that Britain was top of the food chain. That they were naturally selected and, thus, by all rights should rule as much of the world as possible. 

“The supposed need for human society to weed out the unfit was premised on certain fundamental assumptions, not the least of which included: 1) that humanity is a system entirely shaped by material forces of environmental constraints and genetics, 2) that this system was fundamentally closed and hence entropic (subject to immutable laws of diminishing returns guided by an inevitable heat death), 3) that the creative force of genetic mutations guiding the appearance of new biological mechanisms was fundamentally random and 4) that this randomness could only be overcome by the rise of a new era of social engineers managing humanity on all levels-economic, psychological, cultural and even genetic.” – Ehret

Eugenics and the Nazis

Huxley and Darwin also collaborated with German zoologist Ernst Haeckel, who wrote The History of Creation and founded the discipline of Ecology. Haeckel also developed the ideas of overpopulation and carrying capacity. He said applied biology (re: eugenics) should govern the social sciences. 

Four of Haeckel’s followers founded the German Society for Racial Hygiene in 1905. This ethos was planted in the culture when WWII came around.

Alfred Ploetz, a follower of Darwin and Haeckel, was a leading member of the British Eugenics Society. He toured the US to popularize the eugenics movement. 

The US was one of the first countries to instantiate into law many eugenics precepts, like sterilization of the mentally retarded. California was the vanguard. The eugenic laws weren’t struck down until the early 1970s. 

In the 1930s, America’s eugenics programs inspired Germany to ramp up its efforts in WWII. They were sterilizing 5,000 people per month in 1934, and soon it escalated to killing.

Hitler appointed Ploetz and his protegee Ernst Rudin to oversee the implementation of mass murder based on racial hygiene. 

It Runs in the Family

Thomas Huxley was the grandfather of Julian and Aldous Huxley, who did tremendous work to push the program forward. Darwinism started to wane in the early 1900s because there was no fossil evidence to support gradual evolution. 

Julian breathed new life into Darwinism in the 20th Century by shoving the faulty philosophy into every nook and cranny of academia. Evolution merged with everything. Evolutionary this and evolutionary that. It was a modern synthesis, and once it took hold there was no need for fossil evidence because proof of evolution was everywhere.

H.G. Wells and Julian co-wrote an influential book called the Science of Life, published in 1939. This helped popularize Darwin’s theories. 

Julian also launched a movement called agnosticism, highlighting the human inability to know anything beyond statistics and probability. Empirical data only. They threw metaphysics out the window.

Aldous helped push the drug culture to further control the population. He wrote the novel, Brave New World, detailing the oligarch’s plans for all to see. Today drugs, illicit and prescription, are out of control. Everybody has to take their daily meds to function. Soma.

The Future is Now

Klaus Schwab, and his World Economic Forum, is carrying the torch of Malthus. While in the past the emphasis was on culling the weak, we are now, according to these transhumanist nut cases, at the point where we’re ready to take the next leap of evolution … merging man and machine. Brain electrodes. Microchipping. The metaverse. 

What they’re not telling you is that they still want most of the population, or the useless eaters, dead. Automation and AI will do the manual work currently done by peasants.

They also push climate change and the green doctrine. Mother Nature is more important than man. Humanity is a parasite on the planet. This is a death cult mentality. 

The elite can take away your jobs, sterilize you, force you to stay in your house for years on end, shove you into Smart City concentration camps, and force you to eat bugs, and you will comply by doing your part to save the planet. 

You are a random mutation with no purpose. A scourge on the Earth. It is better for you to die. Let the wealthy and wise elite carry their cyborg progeny into the future for a better world. 

These are the fruits of Malthus.


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