COVID Heroes or Controlled Opposition?

Played on both sides? Always a false dialectic on full blast. Every time I hope, it dawns on me that the people I admire for standing up against the Cabal are controlled opposition. 

I don’t want to be part of the “conspiracy” crew that points and screams “shill” at anyone who captures attention and gains a little traction. I don’t want the truth movement to devour itself like the identity politics goofballs competing in the oppression Olympics, but …

In this Covid world, I find it strange that I’m rooting for doctors with direct ties to Big Pharma, who are big fans of vaccine technology: Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, Dr. Luc Montagnier, and Dr. Michael Yeadon. 

At any other time, I would hardly listen to pill and needle pushers of this ilk, yet because they’re speaking out against mandatory vaccination and the dangers of COVID vaccinations I applaud them. I write about them. I point to them when trying to convince friends and family that something ain’t right with the pandemic narrative. 

These guys write peer-reviewed papers. They’re decorated scientists. I share their work hoping they legitimize the arguments that fall on deaf ears when I inexpertly stutter them to any “normie” within earshot.

I celebrate their bravery. They’re risking their careers (I think?) by speaking out. It’s good to recognize people when they fight the good fight even if their motivations aren’t pure or their rhetoric is dividing us further. Which side of the Joe Rogan/Neil Young/Spotify debate are you on?

My college-aged son said he wasn’t convinced that he should avoid the Covid vaccine at all costs. If it started to get inconvenient he was going to get it. Then, he listened to Joe Rogan’s interviews with Dr. Malone and Dr. McCullough, and decided he would never get the jab. 

Thank God!

But, there’s something else going on. They are all in the camp proclaimer this coronavirus is terrifying and deadly. I’m not so sure

They all push drugs and vaccines. McCullough says he takes every vaccine he can. He says this to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he’s not an anti-vaxxer, so the people basing all of their health decisions on the prevailing Fauci/media narrative might at least give him a hearing. I get it.

He is a big proponent of Regeneron and other pharmaceuticals. I have questions about what’s in those drugs after listening to Dr. Carrie Madej report that there are suspicious nano-particles in the monoclonal antibodies.  Dr. Bryan Ardis blew the whistle on deadly Remdesivir, and in the same interview said that Regeneron’s safety profile wasn’t much better. 

I scratch my head when the answer to every health question is drugs, drugs, drugs.

Early on Malone got the COVID vaccination without hesitation. 

He’s the inventor of the mRNA technology used in many of the Covid vaccines. Uh, that shit is a disaster for humanity. Did he ever stop to think that he should stop trying to play God for money? Perhaps the Salk Institute vibe clouded his vision and darkened his soul. Salk was a charlatan, eugenicist, depopulation advocate, and foot soldier for the Cabal. By no means the hero he’s portrayed to be. 

Malone’s work went a long way toward normalizing needles under the skin as primary medicine. Malone speaks in hushed tones spilling stories of his time in the hallowed halls of the Institute overlooking the ocean in San Diego. Lotta money flowing through that place.

He also called for “active surveillance, tracing, and testing.” which aligns with the end game goals of the Cabal. I guess when you have close ties to the CIA (he said it), this is how you think.

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Screenshot: SOTN

And, let’s not forget he’s involved in the development of an alternative SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. In other words, this is a PR blitz for him … “Forget Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J. They rushed the shoddy product to market. Get mine instead.”

Vanden Bossche was screaming from the beginning that you can’t vaccinate in the middle of a pandemic. It puts evolutionary pressure on the virus to mutate into stronger variations at a faster pace. I appreciate trying to slow the vaccine roll, but I’m not sure about what he said. 

Even with the mass gene therapy inoculations worldwide, the virus still mutated into weaker strains just like natural viruses always do. Sure, the vaccine may have accelerated the development of mutations, but were they more deadly than the original. Omicron is mild.

But, I’ll forgive him for that. The little bit on his CV I can’t quite get over is his work with GAVI (Gates-funded vaccine for all group), and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

For Gates people in India, Africa, and other Third World countries are lab animals for testing the effects of his dubious shots and serums. He’s banned from several countries, because of his “philanthropic” efforts. 

It’s possible Vanden Bossche is unaware of this. Does he keep his head down in the lab looking for better ways to build vaccines? Not likely. I mean Gates is pretty open about his desire to depopulate the planet, which is consistent with his family line. It’s not a stretch to say that Gates is killing more than he is saving, along with sterilizing as many women as possible without permission and under the guise of public health.

Let’s not forget Gates spent over a billion dollars in India to eradicate polio. He coerced the National Advisory Board of that country to mandate 50 polio vaccines for every child before the age of five. Indian medical authorities blame him for paralyzing almost a half-million kids from 2000 to 2017. India banned his organization from the country. Similar tragedies unfolded in Congo, the Philippines, and Afghanistan as well. Robert Kennedy Jr. detailed a long list of these crimes, which I documented here.

And, Vanden Bossche toils under his banner. Rosemary Frei voices similar concerns.

Do you think the GAVI work is so compartmentalized that Vanden Bossche knows nothing of it? Doubtful.

Montagnier, a French virologist, who co-discovered the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in 1983 said a lab leak caused Covid-19 (it was more launch than leak but he’s close), and that the vaccines offer no protection. He called for an absolute halt to mass vaccination. Good for him. 

But, this is also the guy that declared HIV is the cause of AIDS and got a Nobel prize for it. They used AIDS to create terror and panic, just like COVID, complete with a dubious back story. 

Dr. Kary Mullis reveals that there were no papers proving HIV is the probable cause of AIDS. Even Montagnier could not point him to one. 

Yeadon was a Chief scientist at Pfizer. He loved his time at the corporate behemoth. He loves vaccines and drugs but has major concerns with the Covid vax rollout. He’s been fabulous at connecting the dots on the depopulation agenda and screaming from the rooftops that the entire official Covid narrative is fraudulent and that these are crimes against humanity. I just can’t get past the “I love vaccines” schtick.

What about scientist Bret Weinstein, who got in the middle of this Covid scrum dissecting what he was seeing in his podcast, DarkHorse? Again, lots of great questions. Excellent skepticism of the official narrative, but … his brother Eric Weinstein works for Peter Thiel, who is the dark lord of track, trace, and database. He’s a lead architect in our  no privacy hellscape-to-be. Two degrees of separation from Palantir is too close for me. Could be nothing, but …

I believe in redemption and forgiveness. People can repent and convert to the good side. This may have happened with some of these guys. 

Or they’re knowing shills for Big Pharma. 

Or they have monetary motivations. 

Or they happen to be right on this issue, and wrong on everything else. 

Or they’re establishing a strong bond with the critical thinkers, who aren’t falling for the Covid bullshit, so they can lead them down an even more insidious road in the future.

We can look at the evidence and come to conclusions, but we’ll never know what’s in their hearts.

So, like everything in the GeoPolitical space, I support the good, reject the bad, question everything, and pray for discernment in these troubled times.

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