COVID Update: December 29, 2021

Vaccines are killing people and compromising the immune systems of others. There’s a rise in heart problems and blood clots. Doctors are predicting a rash of cancers and increased susceptibility to other viruses in the future because of the injections. The trade off is very short periods of lessened symptoms if you catch the disease. 

That’s right, you can still catch the disease, and you can still spread the disease. And the jabs weaken your immune system, yet, they are mandated?

Evidence shows that the vaccines are actually triggering these variants, which is no surprise to virologists, who spoke truth from the beginning rather than taking money or succumbing to pressure to stay quiet or push falsehoods.

Oh, and by the way, natural infection creates antibodies for all coronaviruses. If healthy, your body’s immune system is amazing and effective. It recognizes patterns of viruses like coronaviruses and will fight off infection from all the coming variants. Natural immunity is far better, more robust, and longer lasting than vaccine immunity.

Jabbing children, who have little to no risk from the disease, is a travesty. Even head of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said countries were killing children with vaccines. Wait what?

Omicron is nothing. Despite all the artificial man-made nonsense the virus is following a typical pattern by becoming more transmissible but less deadly as it mutates.

Joe Biden recently tossed it back to the States to handle the virus. That feels like a win. An admission that they’re not going to get the full population jabbed. And, a signal that they need to move on to the next crisis, like electrical grid terrorism, cyber-attacks on the supply chain, or, heck, a little alien kerfuffle.

It’s Not About Health, It’s About Control

As always remember the big picture. It’s not about health, it is about control. Requiring vaccines to go about your everyday life … to travel, work, and shop makes no sense, especially when they admit that you can catch the disease and transmit it even when you are fully vaccinated. When there are proven risks you cannot require an experimental jab. 

This pandemic injected massive fear into the world’s population as planned. It is a divide and conquer strategy (vaxxers vs. unvaxxers) to poison the population with a man-made virus and toxic vaccines and to usher in the digital ID for total control of your health, employment, and finances. 

The unelected global elites have been pining for vaccine tyranny for decades. In 1953 Bertrand Russell said: “Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.”

Sounds great Bertrand. What a guy.

Here Come the Studies

  • A pandemic did not occur according to Denis Rancourt, who did a deep dive on the data. Rather the hidden killer was bacterial pneumonia. 
  • Here are 400+ studies concluding that the government-mandated Covid measures were a massive failure
  • Masks don’t work. Well, they do if you mean they are a compliance ritual designed to perpetuate fear and exacerbate division.
  • Vaccines cause permanent damage to the immune system.
  • Dr. Arne Burkhardt’s pathology study on 15 people who died after the Covid vaccine. 93% died because of the vaccine where the body attacked itself, particularly the heart. All were cases ruled by the coroner as not caused by the vaccine.

The Resistance Doctors and Scientists

Doctors For COVID Ethics – Read the material on their website. It’s fantastic. For instance, this article is powerful: On COVID vaccines: why they cannot work, and the irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination.

The Great Barrington Declaration from October 2020 raises major concerns about the Covid response. There are currently 900,000+ signatures supporting their recommendation for an alternative approach.

World Council for Health calls for an immediate stop to the Covid-19 Experimental “vaccines” because they are “dangerous and unsafe for human use.” Co-Founder Dr. Tess Lawrie saw what was going on early in the pandemic and started speaking truth to power. 

Canadian Covid Care Alliance, a group of 500+ doctors, scientists, and health care practioners, put out a report called The Pfizer inoculations for COVID-19 – More Harm than Good.

Dr. Peter McCollough – It is interesting to see the bigger agenda unfold in front of McCollough’s eyes. Early on he was doing his job, trying to treat patients any way he could and fighting the restrictions on effective therapeutics. He started to pull at threads and began to realize the story was much bigger and now he’s talking about Nuremberg Code and crimes against humanity on Joe Rogan’s podcast. 

Dr. Bryan ArdisArdis has been on the hunt for truth since his father-in-law died suspiciously in the hospital after taking Remdesivir. Turns out 50% of the test subjects in the African Remdesivir trials died, yet Fauci chose that as the go-to drug over many effective treatments like Hydroxychloriquine and Ivermectin. 

Same pattern with Fauci. He chose AZT, a toxic drug, over many other therapeutics that were showing promise in treating the HIV virus and the AIDS disease, killing many people in the process. 

Dr. Robert MaloneMalone is co-inventor of mRNA vaccine technology is serving penance by calling out the absolute destruction of civil liberties by forcing vaccinations. He also recently said that he’s starting to believe with more data that the vaccines aren’t beneficial for even those at the highest risk. Before he stated that the most vulnerable should get jabbed. He’s been especially vocal on the travesty of injecting children who have virtually zero risk of serious illness and death from COVID.

Dr. James A. Thorp – Can’t trust doctors ever again, because they haven’t been telling the truth because of a gag order. And this causes problems with informed consent. Do not trust the government bodies or the medical journals. Interview.

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi – Bhakdi shouted from the rooftops since the beginning that these gene-based vaccines were going to kill people. And, he confirms in this video that he was right. Here is the transcript of a powerful speech he gave at the Doctors for COVID Ethics symposium, pleading with physicians to do the right thing. 

Dr. Michael Yeadon Yeadon continues to be one of the strongest voices against the vaccines calling their use a crime against humanity and tools for a depopulation agenda. Just a nutter? Well, he was Chief Scientist at Pfizer, so he might know a thing or two about what’s going on. Interview.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche – Vanden Bossche rang alarm bells early, warning of the folly of vaccinating in the midst of a pandemic, saying it would trigger variants through evolutionary pressure on the virus. Currently, he’s demanding that the WHO not vaccinate against the Omicron variant.

Lawsuits and Court Actions

Robert Kennedy Jr’s New Fauci Book

Robert Kennedy released a devastating book about the consistent pattern of malignant medical practices committed by Dr. Anthony Fauci for the last five decades. Listen to this interview with James Corbett for a taste.

In October 2019 at a seminar discussing eradicating the flu, Fauci bemoaned all of those pesky clinical trials that take up to a decade for a vaccine to be approved. Luckily, he and Rick Bright, from HSS Biomedical Advanced Research & Development Authority (BARDA) spitball wild new disruptive methodologies that include an entity not beholden to bureaucratic process, and, I quote Bright:

“It is not too crazy to think that an outbreak of a novel avian virus could occur in China somewhere. We could get the RNA sequence from that, beam it to a number of regional centers, if not local, if not even in your home, and print those vaccines on a patch and self administer.”

All this to get people to take the flu more seriously. 

Vaccines Loaded with Weird Stuff

There has been evidence that certain lots of vaccines are more dangerous than others. It would surprise me if they are targeting certain countries or areas with different vaccines while testing an array of ingredients. 

There are credible reports coming out about graphene oxide and nano-particles showing up in the vaccines, and interesting speculation on what the purpose of those might be. 

  • Sterilization. 
  • Gene alteration.
  • Or even turning our bodies into updatable software. 

In the News

  • FDA asks federal judges for 55 years to release Pfizer C-19 vaccine data. Should be more like 55 hours.
  • Millions and millions across the world stand up to the tyranny.
    • Austria has the most draconian vaccine mandates and lockdowns, and the people are sick of it.
    • Thousands protest in Europe.
  • Trump still hyping the vaccines and taking a bow for Operation Warp Speed, and his anti-vax followers are twisting themselves in knots to justify it.
  • Great results for Norway after the country lifted lockdowns and mask mandates.

The Numbers Are Still Nonsense

A fake PCR test, developed by Professor Dr. Christian Drosten in Germany, kicked off the worldwide pandemic under false pretenses. The W.H.O. made this the gold standard all over the world despite wild inaccuracies and massive false-positive rates. Cases exploded. Voila … Covid-19 rules the world. 

The data they flog on the corporate news isn’t any better. For example, did you know that any adverse events post-vaccine are not counted as vaccine-caused if they happen within 14 days of the injection? That’s right. This is why you see charts of excess mortality jumping in the “non-vaccinated” right after the rollout of the jabs. And no one can explain why. 

You also have numbers pulled out of thin air. Pandemic of the unvaccinated is a raging lie. A recently released Denmark study shows the vaccinated make up 76% of all people currently sick with all Covid variants, and 90% of those sick with the Omicron variant. Tell me about the vaccine mandates and passports again.  

Fake Causes for Heart Issues Cooked Up

The vaccines are causing major heart issues and blood clots, so they cook up new explanations for the impending surge, including …

More Covid Resources

  • Subscribe to The Last American Vagabond (TLAV). Ryan Christian, who I listed in my fab five post, does a fantastic job breaking down the latest news and dissecting papers.
  • Follow material and posts put out by Robin Monotti, Dr. Mike Yeadon, and Cory Morningstar on this Telegram Channel. It’s a firehose of information, but solid.
  • Del Bigtree and Jeffery Jaxen at The Highwire, consistently put out reports and interviews.
  • Robert Kennedy Jr’s site is also consistently fantastic. Children’s Health Defense Telegram.
  • Steve Kirsch, who was a big believer in the vaccine early on, continues to do great activist work diving into the strange anomalies around the non-stop push for the jabs. He is the founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.
  • Oodles of research material at the Brownstone Institute.

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