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COVID, like most viruses, is mutating and getting weaker, so knowing what to do if you catch it isn’t as critical these days. 

Virologists like Geert Vanden Bossche are saying Omicron is a godsend because it confers robust immunity on the person who catches it, and it’s also very mild. So, the idea is to catch it and ride it out without getting vaccinated for that specific variant.

Still, I put together useful COVID resources for maintaining health, recovering from the virus, medications, and the vaccines, and standing up for your rights. 


Vaccinated or not, it’s always good to maintain tiptop health, so that will always be the advice, particularly when the world is mad with pandemic paranoia.

Studies show sufficient levels of vitamin D provide great protection from the virus. 

Studies also show that obesity is the number one co-morbidity causing the worst outcomes in COVID patients. So, shed that extra weight.

Some folks are taking antivirals prophylactically. Not sure that is necessary at this point, but if you’re immuno-compromised you might want to top up with well-researched concoctions. 

Dr. Zev Zelenko has a proven formula called Z-Stack with zinc, quercetin, vitamin C and vitamin D. He was one of the first to promote therapies that were actually working for COVID patients rather than asking patients to wait for a vaccine, or prescribe to Remdesivir, or even get put on ventilators … all which caused more illness and death.

Dr. Bryan Ardis has a disease prevention protocol that includes four parts:

It looks like he has a disease prevention cocktail in a pill coming soon.

Do not get vaccinated! Too late? Then don’t get booster shots. Stop getting jabbed wherever you are in the cycle. Evidence of adverse events and weakened immunity from the shots is stacking up. And the effects are cumulative. You may not have had a problem with the shots you’ve received thus far, but you do not want to keep challenging your system with more and more poison.

Early Treatment

If you catch Covid get treated early. Here is the FLCCC Alliance early treatment protocol

Here is a list of doctors that support the FLCCC treatment protocols. And here are pharmacies that will fill the prescriptions. 

Another list of doctors, including telemedicine options.

Here is the At-Home Covid treatment guide from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS).

These are important resources because most doctors and pharmacies will not help you with this. They will prescribe potential deadly medicines and treatments because its the safest move to preserve their career. 

In the Hospital

Dr. Bryan Ardis was one of the first to call out the evil intent of Dr. Anthony Fauci. He knows the unvaccinated in hospitals need advocates and advice, so he partnered with Michelle Rowton, who he trusts to perform those functions at a high level.

Demand the FLCCC Alliance Protocol. Here is their hospital treatment protocol.

  • Don’t let them vaccinate (see documents below). 
  • Don’t let them dose with Remdesivir.
  • Don’t let them put you on a ventilator.


Be extra cautious and use these forms. Kids are getting vaccinated without parental consent. Patients are getting vaccinated without their express verbal informed consent. 

Sign up on Dr. Ardis’s site to get to his resources section, which has videos, step-by-step documentation for dealing with hospital staff, important links, etc. 

Here are a few of the forms he offers:

  • Medical/Religious exemption form
  • Vaccine Liability form – make the doctor/hospital administrator sign this before anything else. They won’t because they become personally liable for vaccine adverse events. Tell them they must sign it in order to vaccinate you. This will keep them from vaccinating you against your will. This is important because the fine print in their intake forms give them permission to vaccinate you for Covid.

Solari has a repository of Covid-related forms:

Treatment Post Vaccination, COVID Infection, or Remdesivir

Starting at 16:30 in this interview with Steel Truth Media, Ardis details which supplements to take for specific issues common to people that have taken the vaccinations or Remdesivir, or had COVID.

If you’re struggling with headaches, fatigue, and/or difficulty breathing these are clear indicators that you have heart or lung issues. 

For heart (headache and fatigue) here are three remedies:

For lungs
If you’re suffering from breathlessness that means you have damaged lungs. To repair them take ArdisLabs Breathe-Free.

For kidneys
A side effect of Remdesivir is acute kidney failure. You accumulate water in your extremities. This is not a cardiovascular problem unless there is also discoloration. If there is puffy extremities or joints (knees, ankles, feet, hands) then you need kidney support:

For liver
Milk Thistle herb helps with sinus pressure helping the liver to drain away infection.

If you get bloodwork and your ALT numbers are high (this often happens after taking Remdesivir) take Standard Process Hepatrophin PMG for a minimum of three months.

This article has a lot of good information for detoxing after the Covid-19 vaccine.

Mike Adams offers good tips for vaccine detox, which include:

Here’s an infection recovery protocol from FLCCC.

Legal Efforts

If you need legal representation for anything Covid related, I would start with Thomas Renz. He’s doing a ton of great work fighting the tyranny and is putting together a group of volunteers, including lawyers to help.

Children’s Health Defense (Robert Kennedy Jr’s site) has many legal resources, including updates on their ongoing litigation.

Corey’s Digs has a massive list of useful Covid resources including legal documents and a section for tracking litigation.

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