The Pandemic Pivot

The purpose of the Covid crisis was to soften us up, break our spirit, muck up our supply chains, jolt the system, confuse us, freak us out, and get needles in arms with God knows what gene editing capabilities. 

But, it wasn’t the end game. There was always something else coming. 

The Covid plandemic was a big play and took an awful toll, but it was a setup punch. It shoved many people’s minds into utter dependence on government direction. Dr. Fauci … now what should I inject into my body for health? What should I place on my face for the greater good? How long should I avoid my family, friends, and loved ones for safety?

Worldwide mind control breaking people down with terror, so they’re more easily manipulated and controlled. Pliable. 

I imagine the Cabal has spreadsheets and AI with data collectors pulling in all the relevant information, looking for inflection points: target sentiment analysis on lockdowns and mandates, statistically significant number of vaccine recipients, or aggregate dollars of wealth transfer from small businesses to conglomerate oligarchs.

They hit their goals, so they’re launching new data-mining tests, like how much cognitive dissonance can we create when we: 

Don’t get me wrong. Some of these positive developments were organic and the result of brave people standing up against tyranny, but THEY have such a stranglehold on the levers of power that it’s hard to be sure resurfacing from the lockdown haze isn’t another scene in their script.

As Long As They Reach the Final Destination

I marvel at the patience the Cabal has. Decade after decade of incremental totalitarian creep. Eyes always on the prize. Break a few eggs to make the omelet. No problem. Losing a few battles while winning the war is in sight. Fine. 

The ultimate end game for the psychopathic elite is a transhuman metaverse and absolute control of humanity. They look at the Canadian trucker convoy, and the hundreds of thousands of vax mandate protesters across the world, and think to themselves: Good to know. Good to know. We need more fluoride in the water and glyphosate in the food to make these people more stupid, sick, and compliant. 

Oh, and let’s introduce a new crisis. What shall it be? So many to choose from …

Know this. They are not done. Getting past Covid doesn’t allow us to get back to normal. It’s the first major step toward the NEW NORMAL, which is a dystopian nightmare for 99.99% of us. The Great Reset.

Whitney Webb has been saying this for over a year. Stop bickering about whether the virus is real or whether it was a lab leak or intentional. Instead, join together to fight against the coming digital IDs/social credit system, which will completely control you. Technocratic slavery. Digital dictatorship.

Some countries are still moving this forward. Some have scaled back. But, it’s not going to end. They’re connecting social credit scores to everything in your life … your killswitch car, your bank account, your passport, your utilities, your driver’s license, your toilet. EVERYTHING!  As Catherine Austin Fitts says: “Digital concentration camps.”

You will live exactly how they want you to live or get shut down.

The Pivot

What’s next? Have they had a tabletop exercise recently? Is Johns Hopkins busy with any preparedness projects of note like Event 201 or SPARS

What about the World Economic Forum? Time for an Internet blackout, mass hysteria, supply chain shutdowns, where only the Klaus Schwab crew up in Davos can save us. All you need to do is give up a smidge more of your privacy, autonomy, and liberty for safety. No big deal.

Covid is not the endgame. It’s the beginning. They are making their big move. You will not be able to continue on with your normal life. At some point, it is going to get uncomfortable, because the Cabal is all in. 

Covid was the lynchpin they’ve been planning for decades. It was a major success for them. They knew there would be resistance, but they wanted to know how many people they could completely control with propaganda. It succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Millions of people vaxxed. Millions of foot soldiers pressuring and snitching on those that don’t comply. Countries, cities, towns, families split in two.

They are not going to take the foot off the gas now. The momentum is too great. So, pay attention. The next world-shaking event is right around the corner.

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