What is Mass Formation Psychosis?

Wondering why the world seems crazy and rational people are off their rocker standing firm for nonsensical COVID measures despite the evidence and data pouring in, telling us that lockdowns, masks, social distancing, and vaccines are not working? I discovered the reason.

What is Mass Formation Psychosis?

When part of the population addresses their lack of social cohesion and life meaning by connecting with a group to promote a pervasive narrative. The bond between the group members strengthens and the forceful promotion of the delusion increases even as the absurdity of the position becomes evident. 

Chris Martenson’s interview with Professor Mattias Desmet on mass formation psychosis is illuminating and helped answer the question of why intelligent people continue to flog the Covid narrative despite studies and data clearly proving governments and ruling bodies delivered lies to the world from the start.

Desmet says mass formation is a phenomenon that has been around for at least 200 years. He says the madness of crowds drove important inflection points in history, including the French Revolution, the Soviet Union, and Nazi Germany.

Despite studying and lecturing on the topic for years, Desmet didn’t realize he was witnessing crowd psychosis with Covid 19, proving it’s difficult, during mass formation, to step back and understand what is happening.

When he saw the predictions, scientific models, and measures failing, he decided beyond a doubt we are in the midst of crowd formation.

The narrative continued as if the models were right and the measures were effective when they were not. The remedy was worse than the disease with society breaking down from lockdowns and social distancing. 

Desmet says four conditions trigger mass formation psychosis:

  1. A lack of social bond or lack of connectedness with other people.  Not just physical. Lonely, isolated, not able to connect on an emotional level. Before Covid, the U.S. did a study that proved we have a loneliness epidemic. More than 50% of respondents said they had no meaningful relationships. 
  2. People experience their lives as meaningless. This follows from a lack of social bonds.  They have a lack of feeling or meaning and sense in life. For example, a recent worldwide Gallup poll found that 13% of respondents thought their job was meaningful while 63% thought their job was meaningless.
  3. High levels of free-floating anxiety. People feel anxious and they don’t know why. They can’t pin it on any mental representation. This makes them feel helpless.
  4. Free-floating aggression and frustration stemming from the first three conditions. They start looking for something to represent the reason for their anxiety and frustration.

Society checked all four boxes before the Covid epidemic:

  • Rampant anti-depressant prescriptions.
  • Broken families and communities.
  • Slavish addiction to devices and social media further distancing people from family, neighbors, and communities.

The Covid Narrative

Boom. Covid drops and free-floating anxiety is now focused on the Covid narrative. New social bonds emerge. Solidarity. There’s a feeling of connection. We social distance. We wear our masks. We get our shots. And we direct our frustration and aggression on people that are not participating in the mass formation. We hate these idiots that talk about freedom without considering the greater good. 

Strangely, though toxic to society, these people have a more positive mental state and a clarity of focus than they did before the pandemic. Life makes more sense now. They have a sense of purpose. 

The deeper they get into policing and demanding compliance, the more mentally intoxicated they feel. 

And the absurdity of their position and futility of the demands serve to further their duping. In fact, the more absurd the required behavior the better they work, because they are closer to rituals without pragmatic or practical application. They are sacrifices of their individuality for the greater good. As always with mass formation, the key tenant is the collective is more important than the individual.

People suffering from this psychosis are willing to sacrifice their children as we see with parents vaccinating their kids despite an upside-down risk profile. In children under the age of 18, the risk of hospitalization or death is virtually zero, while data is pouring in that the shots are causing lasting health issues in an unacceptable number of children injected for Covid. 

Desmet says on average about 30% go deep into the mass formation; 40-50% go along to get along; and 10-20% do not participate in the mass psychosis.

An Immoral Brainwashing

For those suffering from mass formation psychosis, if it’s not part of the narrative it doesn’t have a cognitive and emotional impact. They don’t care that the lockdowns cause massive suffering–people losing jobs and businesses, kids becoming depressed and turning to opiates, suicide rates skyrocketing, economies crashing. It doesn’t matter. These outcomes are not connected to psychological energy. 

Martenson adds these folks think that an elderly obese man with four comorbidities that dies from Covid is the worst thing ever, while a 28-year-old, who died of a Fentanyl overdose because he lost his job and couldn’t go to the gym because of lockdowns, is not a problem. 

Intelligence and Mass Formation

There is no relationship between intelligence and susceptibility to mass formation. This was studied in the 19th Century. Smart people slip into mass formation, not by rational arguments, but with impactful images, repetition of messaging, and in present times, eye-pleasing statistical graphs.

You Must Stand Up Against the Narrative 

Desmet says that we must always stand up and speak out against totalitarianism. He says that Hannah Arendt in her book Origins of Totalitarianism said the moment dissident voices are not heard in the public square is the moment the state becomes a monster and brutalizes the people. 

Do the Leaders/Elite Believe Their Narratives?

Many of the elite do not believe the narratives they’re pumping out daily. But, they’re immersed in the ideology. So, they’re fine with lies, deception, and even death, as long as it moves the world toward their ultimate goal, which is technocracy [link to my post]. Technocracy is a system where a scientific elite, who consider themselves smarter than everyone else, run a one-world government. This removes bureaucratic inefficiencies and enables them to tackle the big issues head-on (i.e. climate change, Covid, overpopulation, etc.). It is an artificial society that can be completely controlled. Often they believe in massive population reduction. 

Do we want to grant psychopaths absolute power?

What Can We Do?

Again, always speak out against tyranny. Make connections with like-minded individuals. Build communities and parallel systems. Perform nonviolent disobedience. Violence will only give them the power to push the narrative harder. 

Speaking out can be dangerous and expensive, but the cost will be much greater if we wait.

Desmet says it’s going to be a tough few years ahead, but the good news is that totalitarianism always destroys itself.

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Dr. Robert Malone’s essay on mass formation psychosis, which he mentioned during his recent Joe Rogan interview, caused it to trend on Twitter.

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