Retired Pfizer VP Worried About Depopulation Agenda

The Highwire:  “The Thing to Be Terrified of Is Your Government”

Dr. Michael Yeadon’s interview on The Highwire with Del Bigtree is powerful. He lays out why he thinks COVID-19 is nothing to worry about, but your government should terrify you. 

Yeadon, a retired Pfizer Vice President, and Chief Scientist, specializing in Allergy and Respiratory, claims he’s pro-vaccine. With a Ph.D. and years in the biomedical field, he has the skills and experience to read the papers and understand the evidence. 

As Yeadon watched the COVID-19 pandemic develop, he saw lies, obfuscations, and sleight of hand everywhere he turned. Governments and health leaders around the world were not following science or logical steps to deal with the outbreak. 

Rather, all the nonsensical measures taken with lockdowns, masks, and PCR testing, and ignoring safe and effective therapeutics were to generate and exacerbate unwarranted fear in the population.

He concluded the sophistry and manipulation was for one purpose: make people more receptive to a vaccine.  


After diving into the papers and research around the mRNA vaccines, he determined there is a depopulation agenda. Yes, Dr. Yeadon says the SARS-CoV-2 virus is nothing to worry about. The problem is our governments and worldwide health organizations that are pushing these ill-tested vaccines on a psychologically damaged public. 

This is a tough statement to swallow, but he’s dead serious and lays out things he observed that led him to this remarkable conclusion.

Here’s a summary of the lies Yeadon uncovered, and his thoughts on the mRNA vaccines.

COVID-19 Not That Dangerous

He cites Dr. John Ioannidis’ research out of Stanford. Ioannidis concluded that the COVID-19 was comparable to a bad seasonal flu with a .15% infection fatality rate (IFR). 

Most of the people that die from COVID are frail and at the end of their lives or have comorbidities (chronic illnesses). The CDC admitted this in August 2020. Only 6% of the deaths at that time were attributed solely to COVID.

Good Treatments, Including Hydroxychloriquine and Ivermectin, Were Suppressed

Many doctors were having great success with a Hydroxychloroquine protocol and Ivermectin to treat COVID.

Yeadon thinks that if these safe, effective drugs were spread far and wide at the beginning, the pandemic would have been completely over in a few months.

But, they suppressed the treatments. 

PCR Test Not a Good Technique to Detect Viral Infection

This is not speculation. The inventor of PCR, Kerry Mullis, said that it was not the right tool for diagnostics. Yet, the health officials made it the gold standard. 

Mullis said if you turned up the amplification of the test you could find just about anything on anybody. Bigtree said his research discovered that the United States averaged 45 cycles (amplification). Anything over 22 is completely untrustworthy. 10 cycles is the range for any useful data. Each increase in cycle doubles the magnification, so the difference in each is exponential. 

Yeadon said he discovered that a positive test beyond 25 cycles couldn’t infect cells in a live culture dish. Meaning, there wasn’t enough live virus there to infect cells. 

Why? Why would you inflate the infection rate and the number of cases? Well, it doesn’t make any sense unless you follow Yeadon’s hypothesis: escalate irrational fear so that people feel helpless and overwhelmed, and beg for a savior in the form of an injection.

Asymptomatic Spread of Respiratory Illness Not Possible

This is Yeadon’s wheelhouse, and he says in no uncertain terms that people without symptoms cannot spread COVID-19. If you’re infected you have to have a lot of virus in your airways. If you have a lot of virus in your airways you will have symptoms. Why? Because the virus attacks cells in your lungs. Your body doesn’t like that, so the immune system attacks the virus. This causes symptoms.

There was a study done on people who tested COVID positive. If they were asymptomatic (no symptoms) they infected other household members .7% of the time. People with symptoms infected other household members 18% of the time. 

The asymptomatic narrative was a key to the con.

It was the reason for unprecedented lockdowns, the destruction of the economy, and the mask mandates.

Lockdowns Unwarranted

Never in history have we quarantined healthy people. As Yeadon explains above, only people that are sick can spread the disease. Generally, they are not out and about. They are at home nursing themselves back to health. 

Yeadon states that transmission of COVID did not occur in the community. Rather it was a disease spread within institutions where sick people congregated (i.e. hospitals).

Mask Mandates Are Psychological Warfare

Yeadon said they mandated masks even though they don’t work. They are effective at perpetuating the lie. People look around and everybody has a mask on. It tells the brain on some level that there is danger, a hazard. 

Masks don’t work and they collect bacteria. Anthony Fauci and friends go back and forth on whether wearing one is effective. This is the type of absurdity that causes hopelessness and helplessness. To authoritatively make no sense is a very powerful psychological weapon.

Novel Virus and Variants

“Health authorities” are calling this a novel virus, meaning no prior immunity exists, because the Earth has never seen anything close to such a virus. Dr. Yeadon disputes this. He did the research and noticed it’s very similar to previous viruses. 

Some researchers did a study, taking blood samples from people that had SARS in 2003. Their t-cells attacked the molecules of the SARS-CoV-2. People have memory immunity to SARS-CoV-1, which gives them immunity to SARS-CoV-2. This is not a truly novel virus.

You hear a lot about variants in the media, which is a convenient way to goose the pandemic fear levels if it starts to wane. 

Yeadon says variants are “typos” in virus replication. They are slightly off from the original strain (i.e. 99.7% similar). We just learned the survivors of SARS-CoV-1 had memory immunity because SARS-CoV-2 is similar. The SARS-CoV-2 variants are more alike, so there is no new novel danger, unlike what Fauci and the news reports.

A study in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory proved this. They challenged T-cells of COVID-19 exposed donors and vaccines with variant peptides and the T-cells destroyed every one of them. 

The mRNA Vaccines

The big problem with the vaccines is that the vaccine and the spike protein generated by the genetic code, don’t remain in the shoulder area to do their work of giving the body an example of something it should build up an immune response against. 

It can travel around the body if it gets into the circulation system, and it can create havoc in women’s organs and reproductive systems. These spike proteins can also cross the blood-brain barrier and cause issues there.

When Yeadon learned about the vaccines using mRNA technology, he was able to find three papers on Google Scholar that told him all he needed to know about the danger. He knew the spike protein would not stay in the shoulder, and that the movement of it would cause blot clots.

He connected with Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi from Germany, who had similar concerns about the experimental technology.

Drug Development Safeguards Not Used

In drug development, companies have to do pharmacokinetics (where does it distribute in the body) and pharmacodynamics (what does it do in the body) studies. Vaccine makers are not required to do this study. Yeadon: “they have no idea what’s going to happen.”

“It’s like jamming a screwdriver into a V8 engine. There’s a small possibility you’ll create an adaptation that makes the engine run better, but most likely you are going to destroy it.”

Humans are the guinea pigs in this massive experiment.

Not Your Typical Vaccine

The gene-based vaccines have a complicated 4-to-5 step process that must work flawlessly to achieve a good outcome. Each step has the potential to fail. Yeadon suggests this is why after receiving the vaccine some people are fine, while others are suffering reactions or even death.

The tail risk is exponential. Where will the vaccine go? How well is it taken up? How strongly is it expressed? Each is subject to variation.

Normal vaccines are much simpler. They take a piece of dead pathogenic organism, mix it with stuff that will make your body wake up, and recognize it’s facing a foe. It then goes into the lymph system and makes its way to the immune system.

Some of the Adverse Reactions Already Reported

The spike protein actually looks like syncytin, a protein in the outer layer of the placenta. Once a pregnant woman receives the vaccine there’s a chance her own immune system will attack the placenta.

People should never have injections containing Polyethylene glycol (PEG). A lot of people are allergic to this toxic ingredient. It can cause anaphylactic shock.

Some doctors are predicting that the mRNA vaccines will cause antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). Yeadon isn’t sure, but if true, the consequences could be devastating. ADE causes viruses to replicate more efficiently, so the next time a vaccinated person encounters a virus, it has the potential to do more damage.

Is Someone Trying to Kill Large Numbers of People?

Most people are operating under the notion that there aren’t evil people. This isn’t true. There are very influential people, who want to reduce the population. They talk about it in hushed tones, describing nature in perfect balance. What better way to make this happen than the pandemic-vaccine scenario? 

As the pandemic developed, governments and media across the world delivered the same messages at the same time. That hints at a supranational entity calling the shots, and subservient politicians and newsreaders delivering the lines.

Yeadon believes part of the plan is mandatory vaccine passports used to track every move you make.

“(If that happens) there’s no limit to what they could keep you from doing.”

He also noted that if the first shot doesn’t get you, a booster quite possibly will. Moderna is already bottling billions of booster doses.

Yeadon’s final piece of advice is simple:

“Don’t get vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine.” – Dr. Michael Yeadon

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