Who Do I Trust? My Go To Sources of Information

The list of subject matter experts, content producers, and truthers, who I trust, is very short. Many people bring good material to the table, but few serve it up year after year, while challenging assumptions and sticking their neck out.

My list of most trusted advisors is not long. My primary criteria for inclusion on this list is well sourced and well researched information and the ability to present it well. 

The people on this list show their work: books, papers, peer-reviewed material. It’s all there. It moves the information out of the conspiracy theory realm into deep research.

And, it’s a pleasure listening and reading their material because it is accessible and pieces together the many threads into a cohesive narrative.

James Corbett has produced the Corbett Report for years. His research is impeccable. His documentaries are sublime. James cares for humanity. In the last year or so he started a solutions segment where he interviews people doing awesome stuff to improve their lives and counteract the New World Order.

Corbett documents his resources and material in his show notes, which are treasure troves for researchers.

My son said a Corbett video I sent him was the reason he’s “red pilled.” That’s why Corbett is my first recommendation for anyone interested in these types of topics, and his site is the first place I search for more information.

Dive into the Corbett deep end by watching his brilliant documentaries.

Topics include:

  • World War 1
  • 9/11
  • The Federal Reserve
  • Big Oil
  • Bill Gates

Support James Corbett.

God bless Jay Dyer.

I have listened to and read Jay Dyer’s work for five years now. He’s the reason I recently became a member of the Eastern Orthodox Christian church. 

A tremendous mix of theology, GeoPolitics, philosophy, and humor. He might be an acquired taste though. He can get obnoxious, but it’s part of his charm. 

He has 50+ lectures on books by our globalist overlords, exposing their plans and detailing their methods. It’s hard to refute that there’s an oligarchy with evil intent when they tell you in their books.

Start with his interviews and segments he does on the Alex Jones show to hear him at his best. 

I’m an annual subscriber to his website, and I own both of his excellent books:

Catherine Austin Fitts is amazing. She’s hobnobbed with the elite. She’s been a whistleblower. And, now, she’s one of the biggest thorns in the side of Mr. Global with her truth-telling, and the collection of talent she has put together to run her operation, The Solari Report

Fitts gets it at a level many don’t. She’s brilliant on finance and the economy and often speaks about one of the most important crimes committed in the United States: the theft of $21 trillion from the US government. 

Subscribe to the Solari Report.

Dive into her core concepts.

Go cash-only on Friday #CashFriday – Fitts explains that if the money goes all digital with Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) we’re done for. If you say something they don’t like or lapse on your vaccinations, they can shut your account down. The more people that use cash, despite the issues with the U.S. dollar, the longer we can fend off absolute totalitarianism.

Whitney Webb is the best investigative journalist on the planet today. She also has an excellent podcast. 

Read her work. All of it. It’s vital. She’s the tip of the spear when it comes to connecting the dots on the moves the global elites are making to control you. She has made it clear COVID is not about a virus, it’s about technocratic full-spectrum control and transhumanism.

Fantastic deep dives:

Jeffrey Epstein – US government as organized crime. She has an upcoming book on Mr. Didn’t Kill Himself.

Moderna – Did you know Moderna was going under right before they pulled a COVID mRNA gene therapy out of their butts, which triggered their first profitable months on record? Now they make billions.

Support Whitney Webb.

Ryan Christian runs The Last American Vagabond. Every few days he cranks out The Daily Wrap Up, which is currently dedicated to bringing you all the latest on COVID. It’s fantastic, and I check in at least once a week to make sure I know what’s going on.

Christian is an excellent interviewer, who is always well prepared. Some of his recent bangers include:

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