What is a False Dialectic?

Whenever you see two opposing sides in the geopolitical arena, you can bet there are forces poking at them to exacerbate their differences.

A false dialectic is a manufactured fight in which the two opposing sides (thesis vs. antithesis) find no common ground. Just when the tension reaches a breaking point the architects and instigators of the clash come in with a solution (synthesis), which typically involves chipping away at human rights and civil liberties, while ushering us closer into a totalitarian hell.

These invisible forces use a technique often attributed to the philosopher, G.W.F. Hegel, called dialectics, which are “reasoned methods of argumentation.”

Two sides come together, air out their philosophical differences, and see if they can come to an understanding.

From Wikipedia:

“Within Hegelianism, the word dialectic has the specialised meaning of a contradiction between ideas that serves as the determining factor in their relationship. Dialectic comprises three stages of development: first, the thesis, a statement of an idea; second, the antithesis, a reaction that contradicts or negates the thesis; and third, the synthesis, a statement through which the differences between the two points are resolved.”

In reality, Hegel’s work spawned false (managed) dialectics. Basically, running both sides of the game to create rabid factions, who get so deep fighting the “other side” they can’t see a way out at which point, a solution appears. This “solution” always seems to move us closer to global technocracy. 

Hegel was particularly interested in an all-powerful State, as opposed to individual rights. He thought godliness on Earth was absolute obedience to the State. His followers understood that “controlled conflict can create a predetermined history.” And that history is the manifestation of a One World government or New World Order. 

Manipulate the people with false choices, and work them up into a frenzied, frothy fear, so they beg for a solution. This is the beauty and power of the strategy of tension born out of Hegelian dialectics.

I Love the Smell of Dialectical Tension in the Morning

These days of Donald Trump, COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa, you can feel the dialectical tension in the air. Friends and families parting ways because of differences of opinion spawned by fake news and opinion makers. 

hegelian dialectic prod

If you’re not in the same filter bubble, you will disagree with people that don’t think like you. Or even worse, you won’t be able to stand being around people with a different viewpoint.

Stop going to Thanksgiving dinner with the family, or bail on old friends for good. It’s fractious, poisonous, and pushes society to the brink of collapse. Thesis. Anti-thesis.

Who will save us? What’s the solution (synthesis)? Vaccine. UN troops. One-World government. Can’t we all come together and get along? 

What is a False Dialectic: Examples

It’s a fractal divide and conquer scheme. They start with big picture differences, which spin off into infinite dichotomies: race, religion, diet, politics, and any other topic where you can charge up passionate sides. 

If you’ve ever ventured into the comments section on social media, you know even the stupidest disagreements can generate “fight to the death” rhetoric. 

  • Mask versus no mask (for a timely example).
  • Capitalists versus communists.
  • Axis powers versus Allies in World War II.
  • Republican versus Democrat.
  • Safety and security versus freedom and civil liberties. Nationalism versus globalism.
  • Humans versus Mother Nature.

Wars: The Ultimate Expression of Dialectics

The global elite banker class runs both sides of major wars.

“War is the most effective preacher of the vanity of all merely finite interests, it puts an end to that selfish egoism of the individual by which he would claim his life and his property as his own or as his family’s”. – John Dewey, Hegelian architect of modern education.

When you look at the Agenda and its ultimate goal, One World Government, it’s easier to understand how they benefit from the chaos and conflict of war.

From this excellent dialectics overview:

“World War II was the culmination of the dialectic process created in the 1920s and 1930s. The clash between ‘left’ and ‘right,’ the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, led to creation of a synthesis—the UN, and a start towards regional groupings in NATO, the Common Market, UNESCO, Warsaw Pact, SEATO, CIS, then the Trilateral Commission. A start towards New World Order.”

Here are two diagrams demonstrating thesis, anti-thesis, and synthesis in action in World War II and the subsequent Cold War:

Again, this brilliant and diabolical world-changing system, accomplishes globalist goals on many levels.


First, they make tons of dough, selling weaponry to both sides, then rebuilding devastated cities in the aftermath. War profiteering is a nice cash infusion, and it moves the Agenda forward. It also kills a large swath of the population. Win. Win. Win. So much winning with war.

“I don’t think there are any Russians and there ain’t no Yanks

Just corporate criminals playin’ with tanks” – The Call

Their primary aim is to convince people that a centralized “one world” power is in their best interest. No more bloody fights over borders, religion, or ethnic differences. Just a utopia overseen by a benevolent global elite. 

They use organizations like the United Nations  to move it forward. Once this group is in charge there will be no more wars.

Imagine, the entire world co-existing in blissful harmony under the benevolent rule of guys like David Rockefeller (oh wait, he died in 2016 before his vision reached fruition. Not all the money in the world, or seven heart transplants, help you achieve immortality. Guess that’s where transhumanism, and uploading your consciousness to the great AI in the sky comes in, but I digress).

Marxist Worker’s Paradise Hasn’t Worked Yet

They’ve tested totalitarian regimes at a smaller scale on many countries like the Soviet Union and China. Millions of innocents died, often of starvation. 

Then, again, maybe the world needs to keep trying to institute the socialist agenda until they get it right. Learn from past mistakes and evolve. Start with the minimum viable product, gather feedback, refine, and ship again (to use a start up biz metaphor). 

That’s the beauty of this Hegelian model. You can keep spinning up thesis, antithesis, until you come up with the synthesis that sticks.

Practice makes perfect. Of course, their definition of perfect might be slightly different than yours.

“The world will be ruled by its most illumined minds, and each will occupy the position for which he is most admirably fitted.” – Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages (NOTE: including the 6-feet under position for the undesirables or non-essentials, I assume).

Classical Liberalism, Capitalism, and Democracy: Perfect Vehicles For Oligarchical Tyranny

Perhaps a totalitarian system will only work if it is implemented on a global scale. That’s where capitalism comes in. The day-to-day living standards are more attractive to the average person, thus it spreads far and wide under the banner of “democracy.”

How do you inject democracy into a country. Easy. Run another dialectical game or fake revolution, stir up the people (us versus them), so that they gather en masse to call for regime change. Then give them the hand-selected “democratic” leader, who will guide the country into peace and prosperity. 

It’s called color revolution. They are manufactured. They bring American-style freedom, including: fast food, porn, GMOs, drugs, mandated vaccines, sexual liberation, transvestite story hour for kids, scientism, degenerate entertainment, and more.

This freedom base provides a sturdy platform for launching into the next phase of technocracy and totalitarian control: cashless society, universal basic income, vaccination passports, and, eventually, microchips to track your every move, transaction, cough, fart, and thought. For your safety and freedom, of course.

Remember the Arab Spring? Arab citizens in the Middle East organically rising up against oppressive leaders to fight for freedom and human rights? Artificial. But, it sounds so good, especially with inspirational music. Don’t let Gene Sharp’s message of liberation fool you!

William Engdahl speculates that the United States and Belarus are in the throes of color revolutions right now. He’s right. The Cabal has decided it’s time for changes in those countries. These revolutions always follow the same Hegelian script.

Whatever it takes for the globalists to institute a Global Reset, which includes a mass die off of low IQ “useless eaters,” and consolidation of wealth and power into the capable hands of the technocratic elite

The primary tool to prepare the hearts and minds of the people is dialectic. It’s paradoxical to divide people to unite them under one Globalist banner, but it’s a historically proven model.

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