COVID Update: August 30, 2020

The CDC has quietly updated their COVID-19 statistics with no mainstream media coverage.

In the United States, only 6% of the 161,392 people that have died didn’t have comorbidity. That’s 9,684 deaths of people strictly from COVID. The rest of the deaths averaged “2.6 additional conditions.”

So, tell me again about this pandemic and the necessity for destroying livelihoods to save lives.

People are starting to see through the lies. There were huge gatherings in London, Berlin, New York, and Denmark protesting lock downs. 

Check out Robert Kennedy Jr. speaking to hundreds of thousands in Berlin:

Looks like the NFL discovered they had 77 players receive false positives on COVID tests. Almost like the testing process isn’t reliable at all. Thank God a high profile outfit like the NFL has exposed it. Maybe it will force more companies, agencies, and politicians to take a closer look.

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