Ukraine Update: Neo-Nazis, Bioweapons, and Rubles for Gas

As with Covid, this Ukraine situation separates those who I trust from everyone else. Within both of these narratives, there is nuance and a continuum of opinions, thoughts, and beliefs, so I’m open to hearing what people have to say, but …

If they don’t have the big picture figured out, I don’t have time. There are too many fantastic researchers, historians, writers, and lecturers to waste time on someone that says “just wear a mask” or “Putin bad man” without talking about how both of these events fit into the big picture Great Reset.

War is hell. The first victim in any war is the truth. I am anti-war, but I do believe there are righteous wars when you defend your homeland. Putin is fighting a righteous war. We can debate this. 

Also, we can question Putin’s motivations. Some think he’s a puppet in the globalist troupe playing the bad guy so that the world can go to shit, and the WEF and UN and all the other predator class players can swoop in and save the day with Universal Basic Income, mega-city housing pods, and daily rations of vegan kibble … the “you will own nothing and be happy” phase.

The black pill analysis says this whole kerfuffle in Ukraine forces Russia to align with China. They control a vast amount of resources and manufacturing. They respond to worldwide derision and sanctions by playing hardball with their exports. Together, they survive without imports, while the rest of the world suffers. 

The Cabal laughs and shakes its finger at you in derision: See that’s what happens when autonomous nation-states do what they want without global governance. Prohibitively expensive energy. Food scarcity. Cyberattack threats. This is why we need a new world order … a governing body of technocrats, who can sit atop the nations and benevolently manage world affairs to maximize human flourishing while minimizing suffering.

I was going down this path myself. It’s all kabuki theater. They’re all in on it. This new reality is manipulated and we’re the suckers. Joaquin Flores provided the stomach pump to remove the black pill poison from my body. Shout out to the Geopolitics & Empire podcast for introducing me to Flores’ work. Flores’ New Resistance  Telegram feed is a must-read/listen for me now. 

Flores pointed out that it is more than likely that Klaus Schwab, George Soros, and the rest of the Cabal don’t have total control over the entirety of world affairs. But, they want you to think that they do, so you will give up and stop resisting.

He used Putin as an example. Many truthers say Putin is in the club. He speaks at Davos. He had a profile page on the WEF website. Schwab revealed Putin was part of the WEF Young Global Leaders program. Plus, Russia is in lockstep on vaccines and pushing central bank digital currencies. All valid points and worth consideration. 

Flores says look at the fruits of their work. Putin’s actions in Syria, his punishment of oligarchs in his own country, and his life or death struggle to protect his homeland from globalist maneuverings through NATO, show that he’s an impediment to the Agenda.

Flores adds that it is possible for the Cabal to plan around known knowns. They knew that if they broke the agreement with Russia and continued to push deeper into Ukraine against the NATO agreements, Putin would either finally push back or capitulate. Either way, they could use that reaction to their advantage. 

If he moves to stop the NATO encroachment … see he’s a BAD GUY. Or if he doesn’t respond, NATO and its Western handlers have prime strategic military positioning to ramp up their Russia aggravation. Either way, it doesn’t make Putin complicit in their game

Here’s Flores talking about this phenomenon as it relates to China as well.

Here’s Putin speaking to an enormous crowd in Moscow on March 18, explaining the incursion into Ukraine.

Recently, swamp rat, Anatoly Chubais, exited Russia. He was in the Sustainable Development (RE: UN Agenda 2030) racket. Is it getting increasingly more uncomfortable for these Fifth Columnists in Russia? I hope so.


Groups like Right Sector, Azov Battalion, Dnipro, Aidar Battalions, C-14, and the Svoboda Party tout ultra-nationalist ideology. Many are all funded by Igor Kolomoisky, a Jewish Ukrainian oligarch, who also funded Volodymyr Zelensky’s presidential campaign. Yes, you read that right. Zionists and Neo-Nazis working together.  

This is not a fringe element in the Ukrainian fighting forces. These thugs have strong-armed their way into every part of the Ukraine military and government. 

  • They keep Zelensky in check. He promised to improve relations with Russia when elected. He wanted the neo-Nazi fighting forces to stand down in Donbass. They refused. 
  • They patrol the Ukrainian forces to ensure they don’t defect, retreat, or surrender. 
  • They are taking over strategic buildings like hospitals and schools to set up their operations, which is a perfect way to win the propaganda war with a compliant Western press. When Russians bomb their positions and they make it look like the evil menace is attacking maternity wards
  • They are also using human shields. Watch as Chechen forces rescue children.
  • They are blocking humanitarian corridors making it difficult for civilians to evacuate.
  • The West funds, supplies, and trains them.

Putin stated in an address that one of the top goals for the incursion was to denazify the region. After nearly a month of fighting, they are well on their way to doing so, despite Western support of these loathsome forces.

Ukraine Biolabs Developing Bioweapons

Russia claims the US is running 30 biolabs in Ukraine. China claims the US is operating 336 biolabs in 30 different countries.

Victoria Nuland had to admit there are biolabs in Ukraine funded by the US. But she called them research labs to avoid implicating the US in building bioweapons. She also turned it around and said she fears the Russians will use these weapons to trigger a world war. Talk about projection and blaming others for what you do. Classic. 

Dilyana Gaytandzhieva reported on this years ago. Here’s her most recent report.

Bioweapon defense research is a stupid argument for the proliferation of biolabs around the world. They do gain-of-function research on viruses and pathogens to make them more virulent, so they can study how to counteract them. The problem is you have to make the exact pathogen the enemy plans on releasing to combat it. What are the odds of that? Otherwise, these pre-emptive moves are a waste of time, money, and a ridiculous risk for no tangible protective benefit. 

Although, if the Cabal is developing the next pathogen, they can tell their buddies in Big Pharma what vaccines to start developing so they’ll be ready for massive profits when the scourge hits the streets.

Dismantle the biolabs. They’re nothing but evil and a bane to humanity. Word is that Putin is doing this in Ukraine. Good for him.

Greg Reese did a nice report on this.

Russia Taking Casualties 

The Western media puts out lies that Russia bit off more than it can chew and that its fighting force is on its last legs versus a plucky Ukrainian military. 

Russia is taking casualties. Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter said in a recent interview (paywall) with Max Blumenthal on The Grayzone, that it’s because they care for the Ukrainian people and are doing everything they can to minimize civilian deaths. 

They could have gone scorched earth, but Ukrainians are their brothers. They want to precision strike the bad elements, leave Ukraine neutral and bring the Russian-filled Republics (i.e. Donetsk and Luhansk) back home as part of the federation, or at least maintain their independence from Ukraine.

Ruble Takes a Hit Then Bounces Back

Ritter said Putin made a genius financial move. Why was Russia holding sovereign funds in foreign banks? They knew sanctions were coming. They knew corrupt Western leaders would confiscate the funds. But, they also knew that when that happened they had a perfect PR moment to say the world reserve currency is untrustworthy. We need to go in a different direction. And, hey Europe, since the petrodollar is shady, you must now pay us in rubles for our gas

The ruble took a hit after they imposed sanctions, but bounced back after Putin’s counter move.

There’s another narrative popping up with the sanctions that say the only Russians suffering from Western sanctions are the oligarchs. The West knew this would be the case, banking on the powerful rich of Russia to rise up against Putin, forcing him to capitulate to Western demands. 

This didn’t happen. Russia isn’t run like so many other countries around the world. Putin played nice with the oligarchs until he had enough power to establish the rules, and put them in check. They don’t control him. 

More Resources

  • Inessa S. Telegram channel. She’s providing great information and insight, including Putin’s speeches with English subtitles. 
  • Filmmaker Nikita Mikhalkov explains the rise of Neo-Nazism in Ukraine. There is some sketchy stuff here. They trained Ukrainian youth to hate Russians. They changed the language and made it illegal to speak Russian. Many Ukrainians have a natural animus against Russia now and want to destroy their neighbors. The West, who has been fomenting this hatred since 1991 and the fall of the Soviet Union and, perhaps, since the end of WWII, is now utilizing this hatred to launch an attack on Russia. 
  • Eva Bartlett interviews Russian military expert Andrei Martyanov.
  • Andrew Korybko has reported on Russia for years. Another great Telegram follow.  
  • Gerald Celente interview with Colonel Macgregor
  • The Grayzone interview with Colonel Macgregor.
  • Good breakdown of Biden corruption in Ukraine.
  • Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano on Russia-Ukraine crisis. It’s refreshing to have Christian clergy offer clear-headed analysis.
  • More on biolabs from Ben Swann here and here.
  • Whitney Webb on the new Al Qaeda: the new narrative says white supremacists (funded and trained by the US) in Eurasia are creating a global network of like-minded insurgents, including those that participated on January 6. They blame Russia for incubating the movement and use this fictional narrative to launch their new war on domestic terror coming to a city near you.
  • U.S. Representative Thomas Massie stood against the “stand with Ukraine” resolution, including the provision for the overthrow of the Belarusian government and open-ended military assistance. He was one of three in the House with guts.
  • Bashar Al-Assad has a few choices words about the Ukrainian conflict. He said the West has no principles and supports anyone that serves their interests. And that the US was/is a big supporter of Nazism, and helped move a Nazi contingent, that was expelled after WWII, back into Ukraine. And, that Zelensky, a Zionist Jew, supports the neo-Nazis in his country.
  • Paul Joseph Watson reports on inexperienced foreigners volunteering to fight for Ukraine. It’s not going well.
  • Ukrainians welcomed Russian soldiers.
  • Azov shooting Ukrainians
  • The launch of the Kinzhal hypersonic missile was a message to the EU. Don’t mess around with sending troops into this conflict, because you can’t stop this weapon from hitting targets in your cities.
  • The US is crawling back to Iran and Venezuela to shore up their energy supplies now that they are sanctioning Russia.
  • Putin’s Empire of Lies speech from February 24, 2022. Hard to disagree with anything here.
  • Douglas Valentine on Ukraine since the end of WWII, when communism became the enemy of the US. The CIA has been developing assets in Ukraine for the last 70 years. They recruit politicians and businessmen who are open to fighting against Russians. They create private militias. They reward prominent Ukrainians if they support the American agenda, and they target them for harassment and expulsion if they don’t. The agenda is to mess with Russia, but it’s also to extract the resources out of Ukraine, especially from the Eastern part of the country. The CIA is running massive blackmail and extortion operations. The Western press doesn’t report on these things because they are complicit.
  • Interesting article by Paul Craig Roberts saying Russia needs to stop listening to the Western banking elite, which is worse than “100 NATO divisions arrayed against Russia.” He’s also not certain that the “police action” the Russians are taking versus all-out war is the right approach to protect the motherland. I think Putin is starting to catch on to the financial game, and that the precision destruction of the neo-Nazis and the foreign mercenaries is the correct approach.
  • Dr. Francis Boyle, an expert in biological law, talks about biolabs in Ukraine and a long-standing Nazi agenda with biowarfare agents. He says they should shut down all VSL3 and VSL4 biological warfare labs, like the one in Wuhan or Ft. Detrick, MD, and in Ukraine. And they should punish their “death scientists” and supporters. They only function to further research on DNA, genetic engineering, gain-of-function, and synthetic biology for offensive warfare purposes. He added that they all leak and that there is good evidence that strange contaminations and diseases pop up around these labs. He confirms that unsavory groups in and around Russia were collecting Russian DNA material in order to develop ethnic biological warfare weapons. He said the South African apartheid regime was doing this with DNA from black people. He supports the dismantling of these labs by the Russians, cautioning that it’s a delicate operation. You can’t blow up these facilities. Experts must shut them down, remove the bio-hazardous materials, and put them out of commission. 
  • Great interview: Catherine Austin Fitts interviews Karel van Wolferen. Van Wolferen is in awe of what Putin has accomplished since inheriting the dumpster fire Boris Yeltsin left him in Russia, including booting out the Atlanticists and reinstating “the State” in direct opposition to the globalists. Studying Putin’s moves has caused van Wolferen to see light on the horizon for the first time in a long time.
  • An in-depth report on how they generate Ukrainian propaganda.

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