“Current Medical Tyranny Worse Than Third Reich”

This is a summary of James Delingpole’s interview with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich about the crimes of humanity committed in the name of COVID-19 safety.

In early January 2020, Professor Dr. Christian Drosten didn’t even have a sample of the virus when he created the PCR test in Germany. The W.H.O. made it the gold standard all over the world. 

By mid-February this test was detecting massive amounts of positive cases. Most were false positives because of Drosten’s fraudulent test.

Pharmaceutical industry asked the W.H.O. to declare a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. This became the basis for the U.S. to give vaccines emergency use approval. And this gave the greenlight to launch the worldwide vaccine campaign.

That PCR test was the lynchpin for everything.

Population Reduction Agenda

Ultimately, Fuellmich believes the ruling class has a population reduction agenda. He said he would never have believed he would say something like that a few years ago, but can’t help come to that conclusion with the mounds of evidence he’s seen in the development of these lawsuits. 

There has been a spike in vaccine adverse events reported in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). It’s a hockey stick jump in cases as the COVID-19 injections started to roll out. Fuellmich estimates that only 1% of real adverse reactions and deaths are reported in VAERS. Del Bigtree and his research team at The Highwire back up this assertion

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Pharmaceutical companies claim they have immunity from being sued for adverse reactions and deaths from their products. That is true. But, they don’t have immunity from intentional infliction of harm, which is what Fuellmich and his colleagues are claiming.

He then brings up the Nuremberg Code saying that the evil Nazi doctors were tried for not getting informed consent before medical interventions. In other words, the medical procedure is only legal if the patient consents, and the patient is fully informed about the procedure. 

All the people that got these shots should have been informed that this is not a vaccine, It’s gene therapy. And that there isn’t complete medical study and testing underlying the development.

Normally for vaccine development there are pre-clinical (toxicology), animal experiments, then phases one, two, and three of the human studies. No toxicology and animal experiments weren’t done. They went straight to an experiment on humans. People getting the shot are the guinea pigs.

These are true crimes against humanity. There needs to be a supranational response. An international Coronavirus court.

This is worse than what happened with the Third Reich because it affects most everyone on the planet.

“We are absolutely certain the vaccine makers know exactly what they are doing. They know that this is an experimental gene therapy. They know that it’s extremely dangerous.”

Two things to test for during medical trials: efficacy and side effects. 

Effective? Peter Doshi says  19% at most. Not the 95% the makers are claiming.

Side effects? We know nothing. They’ve been developing mRNA technology since 2005. In that time all the animals that have been tested have died shortly after receiving the “therapy.” Fuellmich speculates “maybe that’s why they didn’t test this time?”

A lot of experts are worried that when vaccinated people run into a wild virus in the Fall or a flu wave three problems that could arise:

  • Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE) – The next time the vaccinated person encounters a virus there’s enhanced replication, making it more deadly.
  • Thrombosis – Blood clotting. This is starting to happen already. 
  • Auto-immune responses. Vaccine causes body to produce spike protein. Body’s natural reaction to spike protein is to fight it. Body is now attacking itself. 

It’s safe to assume the injection is more dangerous than the virus. 

Dr. Fuellmich Teams With 300 Lawyers for Worldwide Class Action Lawsuit

Fuellmich and a team of 300 lawyers is building an international case for a class action lawsuit. His first targets are the public facing frauds like Drosten, who are easier to get to than the people really pulling the strings.

Each of the lawyers is also bringing smaller cases in multiple countries. In Germany, his home country, Fuellmich is representing small businesses because that’s who are being targeted with financial destruction.

He believes the health scare is a distraction, while small businesses and the middle class are destroyed across the world. It’s a great consolidation where corporate behemoths suck up all the business lost by the entrepreneurs.

The class action is based on the fraud of the PCR test and the cascading damage. The PCR test is the weak link for them.

There have been legal wins in three different courts around the world. 

Final Thoughts from Fuellmich

All of us have to fight this. It is good versus evil.

The perpetrators suffer from megalomania but it is much worse. They are willing to kill. 

“Even if you’re about to lose your job choose life. Don’t get vaccinated.”

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