Thoughts on the Election: Trump vs. Biden 2020

We’re going to be in limbo on this one for a while. Bush-Gore took about five weeks to get resolved. I have a feeling we’re on a similar timeline.

I predict they’re going to shoot for December 14 to certify the winner, which is the date set for the meeting of the electors in each state. 

As with most U.S. presidential elections, it might be a case of lesser of two evils. A second term for President Trump is a better outcome than Joe Biden doddering into the Oval office.

To The Blackpilled

I understand the blackpilled on politics and Trump. It’s all kabuki theater to keep the masses focused on nonsense, while the ultimate agenda drives forward unimpeded.

The sheep vote and invest energy in the outcome. They think they have a say in the process, so they don’t dig beneath the surface, and see the system is rotten.

I get it!

The Cabal vets all the candidates before they’re allowed to run. To give the illusion of choice, they play their part: red or blue. Say the right things. Make superficial changes once they get in office. But, don’t touch the big stuff as per their agreement with the real powerbrokers. 

I know!

When the OG conspiracy realists and truthers have no hope for American politics and see no value in casting votes, I get the point. Bombastic Trump is just another puppet. The signs are there:

  • He was a good friend of swamp creature Roy Cohn
  • In the 1980s a Rothchild bank bailed him out, putting him in a compromised position.
  • Zionist Sheldon Adelson is his primary financial backer. 
  • He’s pals with Benjamin Netanyahu.
  • He let his sketchy son-in-law, Jared Kushner, take charge in the Middle East.
  • He promised to “drain the swamp” then gave creatures from Goldman Sachs and elsewhere jobs in his administration.
  • He lowered corporate taxes to grease the palms of the .1%.
  • He removed regulations letting corporations have their way with the environment.

I hear you!

It’s quite easy to surmise that President Trump is an actor in a play. His job is to exacerbate the dialectic. Make the divide between conservatives and leftists wider than it has ever been. Sow discord. Bring violence to the streets. Set the stage for a color revolution, and the need for outside UN intervention because Americans can’t handle their own business. 

Trump’s last gig was an actor on reality TV, a medium that blurs the line between real life and the scripted. The office of the president could be his ultimate part, ushering us into the New World Order or the Great Reset.

Trump, the orange, heartless, hamfisted, gluttonous, combative, vulgar, gaudy, racist, nationalistic, typo tweeter, could be the most sophisticated and well-played anti-globalist part the world has ever seen. Lee Strasberg would be proud.

He’s stringing the MAGA hoards along with patriotic rhetoric while leading them straight into the technocratic slave state

Or …

There’s a razor-thin chance that Trump goes off-script, or at least takes his policies as far as he can without crossing the oligarchical rubicon.

That remote possibility is worth fighting for. 

Trump has accomplished things that don’t line up with the Cabal agenda.

I’d rather have four more years to find out if he’s legit rather than have an obvious puppet of the Bolshevik elite take the office in January. 

Good Things That Don’t Align With the Globalist Script

  • No new wars. This is huge. The Elite love wars, which provide great money-making and regime change opportunities. Trump did a little saber-rattling here and there. But, he removed troops from hot zones and stopped training and funding terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda.
  • Crushed ISIS. ISIS was a creation of the Cabal to destabilize the Middle East. Trump destroyed them.
  • Pushed back on China. He’s bringing manufacturing back home by making it profitable again with tariffs. Simple concept. Generate good jobs by bringing industry back to the U.S. It’s protectionist and beautiful. Goods cost a bit more, but employing Americans is worth it. The Elite wants big unemployment to convince Americans they need a pervasive welfare state, where everyone sits at home and lives off their subsistence universal basic income. 
  • Closed trafficking lanes. A massive reduction in human and drug trafficking. This upends the Cabal’s most profitable businesses. The Wall is being built. This will slow the flow of drugs and human trafficking through our formerly porous southern border. Trump in office provides the backbone and means to fight this evil. It has manifested in mass arrests worldwide.
  • High profile arrests. Do you think police bust NXIVM, Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Harvey Weinstein are busted under a Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden regime? No. Not a chance.
  • Hammered the fake news. This is huge. Every chance he gets Trump disparages the mass media. It’s well deserved. Rather than perform the duties of the fourth estate, the media carries water for the Cabal. Not hard to figure when you discover that six corporations control 90% of the U.S. media. Being injected with daily propaganda while thinking you’re informing yourself is a powerful mind fuck. This creates masses of people with strong opinions based on absolute nonsense. The CIA was paying, training, and coercing journalists for decades. When the program, called Operation Mockingbird, leaked the CIA had to shut it down. CIA Director George HW Bush promised as much in 1976. Do you believe him? Also, in 2012 the government legalized use of propaganda on its own citizens by rescinding the Smith-Mundt Act. Nice! According to this article, the Pentagon spends $4 billion a year “on propaganda aimed at the American public.” You can be sure a large percentage of that bullshit flows through the mainstream media—enemy of the people.
  • Shut down terrible trade deals. “Free market” libertarians can pound sand. If you open “free” trade to the world, you open your door to a one-world government. Simple as that. Trump trashed TPP, NAFTA, and put severe limitations on the Cabal’s favored manufacturing base (China). Yuge.
  • Stopped pouring taxpayer money into destructive orgs. Trump exited the Paris Climate Accords and stopped funding the World Health Organization (WHO). These are Globalist tools using amorphous enemies for psychological manipulation purposes. Climate change! Virus! We’re all going to die unless you give us money!
  • Publicly stated he’s against abortion. This doesn’t sit well with a crew hellbent on depopulation, which makes a ton of money on selling baby parts.
  • Lowered taxes. Yes, corporate taxes were cut, but a good argument can be made that it benefits the economy, and repatriates corporate profits. He also lowered taxes for the middle class. I saw more money in my check from this. I’m lower-middle class. This is real.
  • Made two big healthcare moves. He cut out the individual mandate from Obamacare and passed a medical price transparency executive order, which kicks in January 2021. 

Harsh Trump Critic Roots for the Incumbent in 2020 Election

Nobody is more critical of Trump’s Israel policy than Ryan Dawson. He’s been in the truther game for a long time. Responding to his followers who were telling him he was a dupe for saying Trump was a better choice for president, Dawson listed several concrete reasons for his opinion. Not perfect, but much better. He also did a 21-minute deep dive on Biden’s corruption.

Corporate Media Declares Biden Winner

Even though the establishment-owned media declared Biden the winner, this thing is not over. No one has certified it. The Cabal took the fraud to a new level with this one. They had to after losing in 2016 despite rigging it for Hillary.

It’s obvious. Those middle of the night statistical anomalies in swing states, where Biden’s votes shot straight up to give him the lead are very fishy.  Oh, and these next day voters didn’t even bother to fill in the rest of the down-ballot. This is not typical behavior. 

It’s worthwhile to root for Trump and fight for Trump if you have the means. At the very least, fight for fair elections to keep the United States from devolving into a third-world Banana Republic.

“Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote build the machines that count the votes decide everything.”― Joseph Stalin

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