What is Revelation of the Method?

In conspiracy circles you hear the phrase Revelation of the Method bandied about. There’s always some vague notion of rubbing your face in their evil doings, or priming you for your eventual dystopian reality, so you’ll accept it with a whimper. But what is it really?

What is Revelation of the Method?

When the Freemasonic cryptocracy reveals their crimes in the final stages of the alchemical transformation of humanity. It is the final form of a long history of mind control pushing the masses into docile acceptance of a life of total manipulation and subservience. 

Michael Hoffman co-wrote the essay King Kill/33 with James Shelby Downard cataloging masonic symbolism and synchronicities that surfaced in the JFK assassination. They go deep and it’s a wild ride of esoteric connection, revealing the civic magic and open-air ritual. 

Hoffman credits Downard with coining the phrase revelation of the method to describe what the Masons themselves call the final stages of the alchemical “must be” or “making manifest all that is hidden.”

Freemasonry has trafficked in occulted knowledge, secrets reserved for the initiated, since at least John Dee in the 1500s. Their ancient gnostic beliefs drive the desire to overthrow crown (monarchies) and alter (Christian churches), and replace them with one-world government and a Kabbalistic mystery religion. This worldwide illuminated state serves as a springboard to a new paradise on earth.

Sounds great except in this transition most of the people, or profane masses as they call them, have to go, which they reveal in literature, movies, and even granite tablets.

As their power grows over time, and their work to destroy Christianity comes closer to fruition, they let their secret rituals slip into the public consciousness. And there is little resistance because fewer people carry the moral code of Christ. Pursuit of base passions weakens the masses. It is all orchestrated. As we move into the final stages they reveal more: sinister programs to overtake the planet, massive campaigns to amplify fear, triggering people to acquiesce, exchanging liberty for perceived safety. 

Public ritual killings. Serial murders. Assassinations. Acts of war.

They know that in this world of entertainment junkies, true crime enthusiasts, and degenerate “content” consumers, an alternative 9/11 explanation that refutes the official commission explanation, can slip into the public consciousness without anyone batting an eye. More than half the population can be skeptical of the official story, yet there is no outcry for justice. It’s just a titillating story. You got the inside scoop.

Few will stand up and fight the encroaching tyranny. The criminals parade their wrongdoing to mock the victims and flex their power.

The revelation of the method is leaving clues to crimes in plain sight before, during, and after the event, leaving the decoders to read the twilight language and decrypt the ritual messaging.

I don’t know where this piece of writing from Hoffman originally comes from, but I found it here. It’s a great analogy illustrating the powerful gaslighting and mind manipulation of the revelation of the method.

“It is as if a bank robber were to stand in the town square and declare, ‘I robbed your bank.’ He then provides the citizens of the town with the phone number of the sheriff’s office and makes himself available for arrest. Rather than call the sheriff, the people are shocked, awed, confused, and deranged by the audacity of the robber. 

The next day dawns and finds the bank robber now an official at the bank. The people recall something peculiar and vaguely sinister about him. An eccentric schoolteacher, along with the village idiot and the town drunk proclaim the new bank official to be the crook who robbed the bank. The citizens aren’t sure and the bank robber himself flatly declares that it was a dark-skinned foreigner with a large mustache who robbed the bank. The robber makes no reference whatsoever to his previous day’s confession and takes up his official duties at the bank with aplomb. 

Gradually, as the citizens patronize the bank as usual, and the robber continues as an official of the bank and warns the citizens that if they do not support him the bank will be robbed again, the citizens of the town become slightly deranged, exhibiting characteristics of paralytic apathy, amnesia, and abulia and suffering from ‘mysterious terrors.’

When Jesus Christ said, ‘Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free,’ He was referring to those persons possessed by the spirit of the one, true God, YHVH; not the spirit of Janus, the god for whom the revelation of the truth is but an arcane tool for the enslavement of mind and spirit. This is the essence of the Revelation of the Method of human alchemy.”

Hoffman says minds are processed through psychodrama, and that the ultimate aim of these megalomaniacal psychotics is to trick them into enlightenment. To break them down and reform them into the image of the cryptocracy.

In his book, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, Hoffman writes:

“…in the brilliant word-play of the (mythical) Masonic (figure) Dr. Syntax we come to the current unfoldment in “Must Be,” an alchemical (cant language code) term Mr. (James Shelby) Downard translates as “the Revelation of the Method.” This alludes to the process wherein murderous deeds and hair-raising conspiracies involving wars, revolutions, decapitations, secret archaeoastronomic deity cult-worship, and every manner of horror show are first buried beneath a cloak of secrecy…and then, when finally accomplished and secured, slowly revealed to the unsuspecting populace who watch…deep-frozen…as the hidden history is unveiled…In the circulation of…(anti-Academy) manuscripts…the revelation of the method is accomplished. Truth or consequences…Downard … is acutely aware that in exposing the conspirators he is probably serving the final dictum (in their alchemical formula)…”

Downard wrote in his essay, Sorcery, Sex, Assassination and the Science of Symbolism:

“It is a peculiar phenomena that certain revelations move people to action while episodic revelations of the same type stun them into inaction.”

We can’t lose all hope, and there does seem to be an organic resistance forming. A wave of civil disobedience unscripted. Is the alchemical haze lifting, and the initiation losing its grip? Did they reveal too much too fast in their maniacal march to totalitarianism?

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