John Moynihan and Larry Doyle On Clinton Foundation

You need to listen to this True Pundit podcast with Mike Moore (aka Thomas Paine) interviewing John Moynihan and Larry Doyle about their investigation of the Clinton Foundation. It’s full of juicy bits. 

To sum up, and this will shock you, the Clinton’s haven’t played by the rules while running their foundations. They’ve fraudulently avoided an estimated $2.5 billion in federal taxes.

You know how in Godfather III, Michael Corleone started the Vito Corleone Foundation. You think that was a philanthropic organization? No. No it wasn’t. It was to put a charitable patina on a criminal syndicate. To launder money. It’s the perfect con. You look like the guy with the biggest, softest heart while facilitating all kinds of shady dealings.

That bit in the movie was Hollywood spilling the beans on what’s up, which they often do. It’s called revelation of the method.

Anyway …

Let’s get back to true crime: the Clinton Foundation. You know, the outfit whose donations slowed down as soon as Hillary lost in 2016. Can you say pay to play?

These two Irish financial bounty hunters (what they call themselves on Twitter), Moynihan and Doyle, out of a strong desire for justice decided to dig into the Clinton Foundation financials in 2015. 

Maybe they thought they could get some publicity out of it and generate business. I don’t know, but five years later they’re still at it. There are safer, less time-intensive, and costly PR schemes, but what do I know about building a brand.

Anyway, Moynihan has a history of digging into the books of drug cartels, so he was prepared to get into this Clinton business. As soon as they started investigating they saw red flags, so they kept going. Shoddy or missing paperwork. Unbalanced books. Unexplained millions. 

Classic cartel stuff. 

They developed enough evidence to interest Congress to hear them out.

Here they are testifying in a hearing about what they discovered (starting at about the 01:30:00 mark).

The Clinton Foundation’s charter was for William’s presidential library. The laws are pretty clear that you can’t stretch your foundation’s mandate, but that’s exactly what they’ve done for years.

But, they’re not alone in this. There’s $1.9 trillion in untaxed money flowing through 501C3’s every year. Not all of that is dirty, but Moynihan calls the not-for-profit money grab the definition of the Deep State.

The IRS approved 1.8 million 501C3 charitable organizations in the last 20 years … a number Doyle says would be impossible to monitor. 

Wannabe players see the success of the model and want in on it too. 

  • John McCain
  • Barrack Obama
  • Joe Biden
  • Paul Ryan
  • Mike Bloomberg

They all have foundations. Corleone was ahead of the game. Actually, Norman Dodd surfaced his findings on tax-exempt foundations promoting hidden agendas in the Reece Committee way back in 1953:

Why No Prosecutions?

Moore has FBI and other law enforcement connections, who say no one wants to touch this case. They call it a nuclear bomb. He added that Jeff Sessions, John Huber, the FBI, Bill Barr, and Congress are doing nothing about it.

That seems about right.

The Medical Cartel

They go over dirty dealings with the Clinton AIDS initiative. Larry recommends the book Bottle of Lies by Katherine Eban, which goes deep on the story of Ranbaxy whistleblower, Dinesh Thakur. The Clintons worked with Ranbaxy in their AIDS initiative. Turns out Ranbaxy was delivering tainted medicine. 

They also discovered, by accident, that the same crew running the AIDS racket is now running the COVID scam. All the names they mapped out for the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) are the same names popping up in COVID news. 

Getting a Jump on Contact Tracing

There was a meeting in Rwanda in August 2019 sponsored by the Aspen Institute, where Bill Gates negotiated a $100 billion contract deal with Congressman Bobby Rush.

Look at that date again. That’s at six months prior to the full-blown Coronavirus panic. 

Contact tracing, of course, is Big Brother tracking where you’ve been, who you’ve associated with, and whether or not you are a threat to society because you’re a potential carrier. 

In May 2019 “Rush, a Democrat from Illinois, introduced the $100 BILLION H.R. 6666, the COVID-19 Testing, Reaching and Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act.”

The former head of the World Bank Group, Dr. Jim Yong Kim, can work anywhere in the world with his resume and contacts but decides to help found a not-for-profit called Partners in Health. Next thing you know, Partners in Health is working with governors across the country to roll out contact tracing.

More Goodness

Moynihan and Doyle also dish on universities working the tax-free angle coming and going. 

And, they name Bill Gates as one of the top players today, particularly in the medical field, with massive funds flowing from his foundation into every facet of the medical cartel: research, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, reporting, statistical modelling, etc. 

Keep Up-To-Date

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Shout out to Charles Ortel, who has also done amazing work shining a light on the Clinton Foundation fraud.

Listen to the podcast on True Pundit site.

2 thoughts on “John Moynihan and Larry Doyle On Clinton Foundation”

  1. H.R.6666 – COVID–19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act was introduced by Rep. Bobby L Rush in May 2020 NOT May 2019 so don’t see where there’s any conspiracy and find it very troubling that this misinformation gets perpetuated. As for the investigation on the Clinton Foundation, spot on…this information needs to be spread to the American public. More importantly, Americans should be outraged about the billions of tax payer money that’s not collected along with wasted tax payer monies. Also there appears to be an error in your first paragraph, as it was John Moynihan that was interviewed not Patrick Moynihan.

    • Hi Vicky,

      The way I read it, Rush went to Rwanda to meet with Gates in August 2019 to hash out the deal on the tracing program. He may have introduced H.R.6666 in May 2020, but the negotiation went down nine months earlier.

      Thanks for catching the name error.


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