Attorney Sues State of Ohio for Draconian COVID Measures

Listen to John Rappoport interview attorney Thomas Renz about the case he is bringing against the State of Ohio and Governor Mike DeWine.

Case: Michael Renz, Eric Calderaro, et al. vs. State of Ohio, Gov. Mike DeWine, Lance Himes, In the United States District Court Western Division for the Northern District of Ohio, Case No. 3:20-cv-1948

Thomas Renz is suing the State of Ohio for its COVID-19 shutdown mandate. The damage to the country by these unconstitutional decrees from the governors has been immense. 

He said the Ohio lockdown was more vigorous than house arrest for criminals. This is in violation of our Constitutional Rights. The powers that be should be confronted. 

Renz says that they are using the government’s own data against them. So, this isn’t some ridiculous conspiracy with dubious claims from shadowy sources.

Renz mentioned early in the interview, the unethical training health officials have in trying to get the public to make “healthy” choices. If you search Google Scholar for papers about “public health” and “motivational theory” you’ll find material that recommends that scare the public into doing what’s best for them. And the best way to disseminate the misleading material is through the news media. The Utopian ends justify the immoral means, of course. 

Renz says that the PCR tests are not reliable and that Kerry Mullins, who invented the test, said that medical testing labs should not use them as diagnostic tools.

The pair also mention that COVID-19 has never been defined. In other words there is no combination of symptoms and test material that would give tell you with high certainty that you have Coronavirus. They don’t even know what they’re looking for, so they have to make there best guess by using PCR to find fragments of possible evidence that a person is a carrier of the virus. Absurd.

This is what they’re basing the case numbers on. Totally fraudulent. We brought this up in an earlier coronavirus post

And the death numbers, approximately 190,000 at the time of the interview are also fraudulent because they are counting both “with’s” and “from’s.” If you get run over by a truck, but you had COVID-19 you’re counted as a COVID death even though you died from the truck impact. That’s a “with COVID” case added to the total. “From” is actually dying from complications caused by the disease. Even with the ridiculous testing methods, true “from” deaths are very rare.

The big question is “why?”

I believe it’s part of a bigger agenda to enslave humanity by incrementally usurping our civil rights in the name of safety and security

He doesn’t provide a motive, but Renz does say: “Here’s the one common trait I have found with the people telling us we’re all gonna die from this. They are all getting paid … a lot.”

He suggests to understand more, follow the money. The first thing the U.S. government did was pass an $8 billion package to help fund the CDC. 

“Do think if you give the CDC $8 billion to find out what to do with Coronavirus they’re going to come back and say ‘oh, it’s not a big deal, don’t worry about it.’

Naturally, all the groups who are getting money through Federal funding – the groups who are doing the testing, the groups who are doing this, the groups who are doing that – do you think they are going to speak out against this? The medical profession, outside of the good doctors who are speaking out or are trying to take care of you and don’t know, have been bought and paid for on this. There are great doctors out there. I have some friends who are doctors, and there are some great doctors who are on my team. They are out there, but some of the groups that are running the profession – the bigger groups and the big systems that are making all the money on it –convinces you to ask yourself, “Do you trust someone who is getting paid millions of dollars for this? Do you want to trust your freedoms to someone who has a very good financial incentive not to give them to you?” 

Renz mentions that results from the COVID case brought in Pennsylvania were good—a federal judge ruled that Governor Wolf’s COVID containment measures are unconstitutional—but it wasn’t as aggressive of a case as his team is putting together. 

The upcoming discovery process for the case excites Renz because state officials will have to justify their actions and explain the actual statistics under oath.

“We’re hoping this gets filed in every state.”

I’m praying for this small-time lawyer from Ohio and his tiny team to get a big win on this one.

Download the interview and read the transcript here.


Rappoport is an independent journalist, who has been covering the truth about the medical cartel for decades. He’s publishing regular updates on these COVID-related court cases.

This interview lives on the Solari Report, which is Catherine Austin Fitts’ amazing media empire. Her claim to fame is calling out the missing trillions from the government coffers.

There’s a dedicated website, Ohio Stands Up, to get updates on this important case and support the movement.

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